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Map of Sakaar


Sakaar is the fourth planet from the star Tayo, a member of the grouping of eight major heavenly bodies that comprise the Tayo Star System within the Fornax.[1] Sakaar is the only planet within the Tayo Star System known to be inhabited by sentient life. The planet and its moons are currently inhabited by four main sentient species, although the question of which of these species is actually native to the planet is a debated topic among the inhabitants. In addition, various other off-world species have become stranded on the planet's surface in recent years. Sakaar is considered a savage planet that is full of extremes. However, it is the most geographically diverse planet in the Tayo Star System. Outer regions once included great deserts with incredible rock formations, tropical paradises at the foothills of steaming volcanoes, mountainous arctic wastelands, great archipelagos, lakes, and oceans. Sakaar exhibits vast expanses of untamed wilderness populated by a great variety of dangerous non-sentient creatures, both large and small. The planet is orbited by two satellites: Aakar and Sabyr - the Broken Moon.[1]


During the height of the Spike War which plagued Sakaar for decades, a cosmic vortex opened in the planet's orbit. Upon the vortex's first appearance, it emitted a powerful blast of energy that shattered the moon Sabyr and caused massive earthquakes and tidal waves on Sakaar's surface. At first, the inhabitants of Sakaar, already beleaguered by the Spike War, viewed the arrival of the vortex as a sign of the end of their world. However, in time, the people of Sakaar learned that the vortex brought valuable detritus to their planet in the form of off-world technology and extraterrestrial species. Naming it the Great Portal, the inhabitants soon came to view the vortex as a boon rather than a curse.[citation needed]

The inhabitants of Sakaar have been unable to determine the cause of the Great Portal's arrival, but they theorize its first appearance was related to the Spikes, extraterrestrial invaders whose arrival on Sakaar triggered the Spike War. The Great Portal sporadically disappears and reappears, depositing technological detritus and exotic alien species from all corners of the universe onto the planet's surface upon reopening. The inhabitants have been unable to track its movement or fully explain its seemingly random comings and goings.[citation needed]

Thanos Invasion[]

Long ago, in her formative years, a youthful Gamora found herself deeply entrenched in the clutches of Thanos, accompanied the Mad Titan on a fateful mission to the planet Sakaar. In the heat of battle, the confrontation turned merciless, resulting in the tragic loss of many Sakaaran Natives. Amidst the chaos, Gamora herself suffered grievous injury, her right leg maimed beyond repair. In a swift and decisive move to ensure her survival, she underwent the augmentation of her severed limb, its organic remnants replaced by a cybernetic counterpart. However, what followed etched a defining moment in Gamora's tumultuous relationship with Thanos. As she returned to the fray, driven by determination and defiance, she faced an ultimatum from the imposing figure of Thanos himself. He coldly declared that any further damage to her reconstructed limb would not be met with a replacement. Resolute and unwilling to concede to Thanos' dictates, Gamora chose a startling act of rebellion. Knowing the stakes, she eschewed the use of her newly cybernetic limb, instead relying on her vulnerable, flesh-and-blood arms to fend off her adversaries. It was a bold display of protest, a gesture both brave and defiant, despite the pain and peril it brought.[2]

The Hulk[]

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Planet Hulk

The Illuminati, a group of Earth superheroes, sought to rid themselves of the Hulk. Exploiting the opportunity, they deliberately diverted the shuttle towards a planet devoid of intelligent life. Due to a navigational miscalculation, the Hulk found himself on the planet Sakaar. This world teemed with barbaric tribes, gladiatorial combat, and was governed by a corrupt empire. Positioned adjacent to a portal, Sakaar had access to diverse cultures and technologies. Captured upon arrival, the Hulk was forced into becoming a gladiator. Subsequently, he led an uprising that toppled the existing regime.[3]

Claiming the throne, the Hulk encountered and fell in love with Queen Caiera Oldstrong. Together, they instigated an era of peace and progress on Sakaar. Caiera became pregnant with the Hulk's child, but tragedy struck when the shuttle that had brought the Hulk exploded suddenly, resulting in the deaths of millions, including Caiera.[4] Consumed by unparalleled anger and sorrow, the Hulk vowed vengeance against the Illuminati, blaming them for Caiera's demise. Alongside his allies, the Warbound, the Hulk embarked atop an alien warship set on a course for Earth.[5]

Planet Skaar[]

On Sakaar, Skaar, the son of Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, emerged from a cocoon in Sakaar's lake of fire, appearing as a human boy initially but rapidly aging into a young adult. He was mentored by Old Sam in the swamps after the Shadow People left tattoos on his skin. Gradually, Skaar learned language and adapted to life on Sakaar.[6][7][8][9] On Sakaar, Skaar showcased incredible prowess by defeating Axeman Bone and forming alliances, notably with Princess Omaka and the Wildebots. He acquired the Old Power, enabling him to witness planetary murder and aimed to execute justice on the guilty, causing a rift between him and former allies.[10] When the Silver Surfer warned of Galactus's imminent arrival, offering Skaar a chance to save Sakaar, he instead attempted to destroy it, resulting in a confrontation that led to the Surfer's enslavement.[11] Caiera's spirit implored Skaar to forsake vengeance, but consumed by rage, he persisted in his path of destruction. In a final confrontation, Caiera intervened, showcasing her power as a stone form of the Hulk, ultimately defeating Skaar and questioning his resolve for peace. Skaar revealed his plan to eradicate those he deemed evil, prompting Caiera to force him to confront the consequences of his actions by exposing him to Galactus and his victims. Disappointed by his choice to destroy Sakaar, Caiera disowned Skaar and banished him through a wormhole, choosing to face Galactus herself.[12]

However, as a consequence of the reemergence of the Time Stone in the universe, Sakaar was restored. The gem rested deep beneath the planet's mantle until being recovered by the Super-Skrull.[13]

New Sakaar[]

The rebuilt Sakaar fell under the reign of the bloodthirsty Warlord, who conquered over a hundred tribes and united them into a single dominant faction. He regularly forced slaves and minor clans to battle for survival in a barbaric trial known as the Gauntlet. The Doka'abi sent the Hulk a call for help, which was heeded by his successor, Amadeus Cho, so he could fight in the Gauntlet as their champion.[14] The Hulk's intervention allowed the Doka'abi to become the first clan to make it past the first round of the Gauntlet.[15] For the fifth and final round, the Hulk confronted the Warlord himself. The tyrant was defeated, and then killed by the Doka'abi headman Chak while he was down. The Hulk left Sakaar after helping the Doka'abi build a fortified village to help rebuild civilization.[13]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Primary Earth (Earth-TRN887)[]

Sakaar from Marvel Future Revolution 001
As a result of a cosmic phenomenon known as the Convergence, Sakaar was merged into the patchworld planet that became known as the Primary Earth. It became a separate region ruled by Maestro, who heavily restricted the flow of information, causing most of the inhabitants to believe that Sakaar was all there was on the planet.[16]

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  • As a last resort in a fight between Red King and Hulk, Red King activated a mechanism that moved the tectonic plates of the planet to cause its destruction. Hulk saved Sakaar from destruction by throwing himself into the sea of lava, holding the cracked tectonic plates and pulling them together.[citation needed]

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