The Imperial Pleasure Cruisers were seven vessels that were constructed on Sirus X, which ended up being pulled into the Great Portal. Though they crashed into Sakaar they were mostly intact, only their ion propulsion engines being destroyed and therefore the ships were unable to achieve orbit.

A fleet of six ships fly around Sakaar at low altitude, entertaining the Emperor's cronies, and high-ranking government oligarchs and their families. Tickets are available to wealthy imperial merchants. Each of the cruisers it outfitted with every luxury and innovation a wealthy and powerful Imperial could desire. The vessels are staffed by a crew of servbots and slaves. On the lowest deck there is a grand casino with wall-to-wall viewboxes so that the upper-class can wager on the gladiatorial matches and even the battles fought in the Emperor's War. The ships have over a dozen decks, with a main banquet hall, luxury shops and spas, private rooms, and balconies.[1]

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