Salamandra is the ex-wife of the The Wizard and mother of Cole Wittman. She is considered the "Dragon's Daughter" apparently a woman that was given human form from an ancient dragon from K'un-Lun.

When the Wizard met Salamandra and sought a romance with her but she rejected his advances. Eventually they struck a deal and Salamandra was artificially inseminated to carry a child. Due to the unnatural way she was produced, the child developed gravity based powers due to her father's use in anti-gravity fields.

Cole rapidly aged into adulthood and the Wizard eventually decided to use them for his Frightful Four scheme against the Fantastic Four by having Cole become a love interest for Johnny Storm.

The plan failed and they both turned against the Wizard and he decided to save his daughter from certain death.


Superhumanly strong and durable, Salamandra is also highly resistant to fire damage. She can also teleport over unknown distances, produce blasts of an unidentified energy type, which encompasses her in a blue flame when she teleports, and can transform into a red dragon-like creature, which increases her strength and toughness, and give her a prehensile tail.


She has martial arts training allowing her to strike an opponents pressure points, partially paralysing them.

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