Before her enhancement

The woman who would call herself the Salem's Witch was a low-range costumed criminal from Boston. After a museum robbery, she was stopped by Spider-Man (who had just joined the city on the Mayor's proposition).

She was freed by Ollie Osnick, aka Steel Spider, alongside with the criminals who would wield the names of Slam Adams and Plymouth Rocker in order to avenge themselves from Spider-Man, her equipment was upgraded by Osnick's technology, and they were gathered into Boston Terroriers.

The Salem's Witch

They attacked Spider-Man and Steel Spider was able to defeat him, but when the hero made his apologies and Osnick accepted them, Spider-Man accidentally revealed that J.J. Jameson had put a recompense of 10 millions dollars for whoever unmasked the Webslinger.

The three criminals battled the two Spider heroes but were finally defeated, as Ollie had installed a fail-safe in the armors of the Terroriers that allowed him to shut them down and neutralize his former teammates.[1]


An armor designed by Ollie Osnick.


Anti-gravity disc under her feet allow her to fly


She possess bracelets devices which fire laser beams

  • Salem's Witch is voiced by Misty Lee.
  • Salem's Witch is named after the Salem Witch Trials that involved the trials of those accused of committing acts of witchcraft.

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