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Salia Petrie was an astronaut who became friends with Carol Danvers when Danvers was one of her instructors at NASA.[2] Salia was eventually chosen as a shuttle pilot for the Skylab program, and when Danvers was editing Woman Magazine, she went to Florida to write an article on her old friend. Salia was present when Danvers as Ms. Marvel fought the Doomsday Man, but did not know Danvers was the superheroine at the time.[3]

When Salia was preparing for a mission to fly a Cavorite crystal into space, Carol had a premonition about an accident happening to the mission. Sure enough, when the shuttle was taking off, the crystal exploded and Salia was hurled out into outer space,[4] she was presumed dead by the space agency.[5]

However, Salia was actually saved by the being known as the Faceless One and taken to the space station he was hiding in. He brainwashed Salia, trained her to be ruthless and outfitted her with a costume and weapons. He sent Salia down to Carol Danvers' house, where Danvers was shocked to see her friend alive. However, Salia stunned her and took her back to the space station. The Faceless One tried to brainwash Carol too, but failed when she turned into Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel and Vance Astro fought the Faceless One and broke his control over Salia, making him teleport away in defeat and preventing him from taking Salia with him. To comfort the distraught Salia, Carol unmasked herself to her to show her she and Ms. Marvel were one and the same.[6]



Salia was a skilled pilot and NASA-trained astronaut.



When she was the Faceless One's pawn, Salia wore a costume that could project a forcefield, fire mini-missiles from its arms, and boosted her strength. It also somehow allowed her to protect energy beams from her eyes.[5]


When under the control of the Faceless One, Salia wielded an "ionic sword."[5]

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