Sally is one of the many sub-personas located within the mind of the mutant known as Legion when he reappeared in Colorado. The New Mutants were dispatched to the scene to handle the situation. Sally seemed to be deeply depressed and insecure about her weight.
Sally (Legion Personality) (Earth-616) 0002

Activating #067 (Sally)

She complained that nobody loved her and used her powers to lash out. At first she followed Jack Wayne and some of the other personalities to stop the New Mutants from repairing David's mind to normal, but she came to her senses when she saw every individual persona attack one another in order to get the doll. She used her own super-strength and durability to counter act Drexel which allowed Magik to stab him with her Soulsword.[1] Sally also known as personality 067 was absorbed by Rogue during a scuffle between Legion and Magento.[2]


Size Manipulation: Sally possesses the ability of mass expansion allowing her to develop increased body and muscle size making her immovable.

  • Superhuman Strength: Due to the increase in muscle size, Sally is able to lift up to at least 25 tons.
  • Superhuman Durability: The expansion of her mass makes Sally's body more durable, enabling to withstand large blunt force impacts and bullets.

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