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Sally Avril is Randy "Rand" Robertson's shrill-voiced girlfriend. Sally loudly and embarrassingly turned Peter Parker down for a date and then became angry that Rand didn't seem jealous about it. Sally was the typical high school mean girl and she was utterly surprised as to why a gorgeous girl like Mary Jane Watson would come to a formal with the "Nerdy Parker".[citation needed]

Sally then tries to put MJ down by jeering at how she was dumped by the "King of Geeks" Parker, which she then took that opportunity to dance with Rand Robertson. Later that night, Sally was then seen yelling at her friends Glory Grant over leaving her date Harry Osborn before he could offer their group a ride home in his limousine. Sally blamed Peter Parker for Liz Allen and Flash Thompson's eventual breakup.[citation needed]

Sally loved to mock Flash’s hero worship of Spider-Man, especially when he was framed for robbery by Chameleon and his crew, Quentin Beck and Phineas Mason. Flash later told Peter, after May Parker's heart attack, that "even Sally feels sorry for you", implying that perhaps she was beginning to soften towards him.[citation needed]

Later much to her annoyance, Sally was paired up with Peter in a Police Ride-A-Long where they were driven around by Captain George Stacy. When it seems that Peter had been killed, she was distraught, but when he turned up alive, she was relieved but very angry.[1]

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Seemingly those of Sally Avril of Earth-616.


  • Sally Avril appears The Spectacular Spider-Man, voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • This series depicts her as a blonde. Although her natural hair color in the comics was black, she donned a long blonde wig as Bluebird.

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