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Sally Kean was a government agent that was active in the 1940's who was close friends with U.S. Marine Don Stevens (secretly the costumed hero known as the Defender). When a number of Japanese spies were caught in New York City, she investigated how they were making their way into the country. Stevens and his boy-sidekick Rusty were assigned to accompany her; however, they snuck off to become their costumed identities and solve the mystery themselves. Sally was captured by minions of Dame Kackle, a human smuggler in the employ of the Nazis. She was ultimately saved by the Defender and Rusty, who would ruin Kackle's operation.[1]


It's interesting to note that Sally Kean very much similar to Captain America's wartime supporting cast member Betsy Ross. They are however, two different characters. The similarities are likely due to the fact that both characters were created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

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