Sally was a criminal, when she lived in Los Angeles. She initially was a rogue, graduated to bank robberies. The police caught her, but one day Sally ran away and disappeared.[2]

When the X-Factor Investigations arrived in Lawrenceville, Madrox and Layla Miller came to the farm, which formerly belonged to his family, and now was up for sale. However, they met Sally and her son Terry, who secretly lived here.[3]

After the X-Factor finished their case and left the city, Sally was killed by Bloodbath and her son was kidnapped.[2]

Shortly thereafter, a detective Cresp called Madrox and told him about Sally's murder. Jamie, Layla, Longshot and Shatterstar teleported to the Lawrenceville for investigation, only to witness Sally's strange "resurrection", whose body was possessed by Bloodbath. He warned the team to stay out of his cases and incinerate Sally's body.[2]


While her corpse was possessed by Bloodbath she gained few powers:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Regeneration

Also, she was able to penetrate Layla's forcefield, which no one could do before.

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