Sally Sherman was a student at John Hathorne High School in Salem, Massachusetts, a town split between magic-using families referred to as "Wicks" and those without magical abilities, called "Blanks". Sherman was a "Wick" with thermokinetic powers.

When Sherman broke up with her boyfriend, fellow student and presumed "Blank" Chad Barrow, it was revealed that Barrow as actually the Thief, a magical parasitic mutation with the ability to steal and manipulate other's magic. Barrow lost control and killed Sherman by using her own power to freeze her to death.[1]

Distraught, Barrow set out to gather the power to resurrect Sherman. Sherman's ghost, uninterested in returning to life if it meant being back with the man who killed her, set out to guide Kim Vesco, a young necromancer new to both Salem and her powers and prophesied to defeat the Thief.

Barrow destroyed the Pillar of Smoke, a powerful source of magic, and consumed part of the Pillar. This gave Barrow the power to take control of almost all the wicks in Salem and resurrect Sherman under his control. Vesco, leading a small group of other teenage wicks, distracted the Barrow long enough for Vesco to free Sherman from Barrow's control. Sherman, ready to move on, bid Vesco farewell and dragged Barrow with her into the afterlife.[2]


Sally Sherman was a thermokinetic magic user, able to manipulate heat and cold.

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