Saloth Super-Soldiers

Saloth Super-Soldiers (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Captain America Vol 1 4 0001
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Saloth, Cambodia
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Formerly Frank Simpson
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unnamed members
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Humans received blood transfusions containing Frank's serum.[1]
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Saloth, Cambodia, Asia



The Saloth Super-Soldiers were hidden Cambodian villagers who received blood transfusion from Frank's Super-Soldier Serum.[1]

Making Super Soldiers & Educating Rogers

While searching for Frank Simpson, Captain America went to Cambodia where Simpson was last seen. He went to the outskirts of Saloth where he discovered only contained women, children, and elderly people. Mistaking the citizenry as Simpson's hostages, Rogers demanded that the village tell him where Simpson was. Rogers learned too late that the people of Saloth were Simpson's allies because they shared Simpson's anti-American views. They people had also been augmented by Simpson's blood. The people brutally beat Rogers into submission until Simpson arrived to take Rogers away.[1] Simpson was later defeated by Rogers and taken into custody[2], leaving the fate of people of Saloth unknown.


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: The villagers was enhanced by the Super-Soldier Serum in Frank Simpson's, giving them certain powers above normal humans.[1]

  • Enhanced Strength: The villagers' strength is comparable with Frank Simpson. For example, a middle age woman was able to throw Captain America at a far distance. The villagers had to work together to eventually overpower Captain America.[1]


  • Physical Condition: Unlike Captain America's bodily condition, the serum that the villagers have received from Frank Simpson has not change their body mass and aging appearance, meaning the serum had failed to transform their bodies into true Super-Soldier physiques like Captain America's.[1][3][2]
  • Average Hand-to-Hand Combat: Although the villagers has been seen to knock down Captain America; however, they are not proficient fighters as Frank Simpson and Captain America.[1]
  • Poison/Venom: As a result from Frank Simpson being vulnerable to poison and venom to an extent,[2] it is assumed that the villagers are vulnerable to poison and venom as well.


Weapons: The villagers have used a pistol, a rifle, and shotgun.[3][2]

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