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In 1941, the Sub-Mariner briefly visited Salt Lake City. It was here he constructed his "Blitz-Buggy," a jeep that Namor used for a time when travelling around the United States looking for Nazi spies who were operating in mostly land-locked areas.[2] And in 1977, the Mega-Monsters were deployed by the Megans to destroy the city as part of their plans to conquer the planet and strip of it's resources and use them against the Betan race. Despite this, they were foiled by Godzilla.[3]

Alternate Realities

Wastelands (Earth-807128)

In Earth-807128, Salt Lake City was renamed "Fisk Lake City," in honor of the original Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk. This was where The Kingpin lost control of his territory and his life to Spider-Bitch.[4]

Marvel's Wastelanders Podcast (Earth-TRN907)

This part of the country was given to Baron Zemo after the heroes fell, and Salt Lake City was renamed Zemo Lake City.[5]

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