Salvation was a refuge within Perfection[1] created by three of Lord Ultron's former pawns who escaped: the Human Torch, The Vision, and Wonder Man. Using Simon's expertise in electrical engineering, and scientific construction concepts grasped during their time with Ultron, they built Salvation from the remnants of Earth-93787 as a protection from the Ultron Sentinels and the Zombies for those exiled beyond The Shield.

This refuge uses Wonder Man's ionic energy as a source to create a force field to protect it from any threats, but it couldn't remain this way forever.[2] After Hank Pym of the Valley of Doom was sent to the Shield for breaking Doom's laws,[3] the three heroes saved him from the Zombies of the Deadlands so he could help them find a way to finally defeat Ultron, as Lord Ultron's creator was none other than an alternate version of him.[2]

After months studying Lord Ultron's design, Pym finally developed a plan to destroy him, and it was just in time, as the merged forces of Ultron and the Zombies were attacking Salvation; however, to accomplish their goal, the three founders of Salvation would have to sacrifice themselves.[4] Pym's plan was to use the refuge's force-field to absorb the Ultron Engine's hive consciousness, but he needed a greater mind to control them, the mind of the three founders combined.

After Pym told them his plan, the founders of Salvation went to their loved ones to say goodbye while Pym converted the ionic energy generator, being saved by his former lover, Janet van Dyne, when the force-field was breached and the Ultron Engine invaded Salvation. Afterwards, Pym activated the generator and modified Iron Cross' cyborg tech so that she could replace the Human Torch in the plan and stay by Wonder Man's side. Vision, Wonder Man, and Iron Cross then merged, becoming the boss consciousness for Salvation's shield that was now composed of the ever-vigilant Ultron Engine army, with the exception of Lord Ultron and the zombie leader Magneto, and life began anew for those still living.[5]



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