Salvatore Carbone was the second-in-command of Carbone Family, led by his brother Julius.

When The Punisher, who was in process of infiltrating the organization as Johnny Tower, produced evidence of his deals with Koreans, Julius ordered his death.

Said deed was tasked to Punisher and Mickey Fondozzi, but Sal proved to be a resistant sort and managed to escape them. However, his run was cut short by when he fell through ice into a frozen river. Thinking the cold would be enough to do him in, his two would-be executioners left.

Sal managed to survive the ordeal, but with the loss of his memory. Remembering nothing but the faces of the men who tried to have him killed, he took the new name Thorn from a passing roadsign as he started his quest for revenge.

He proved himself to be a dangerous opponent after his "death", as he felt no pain or exhaustion, and managed to shrug various mortal wounds inflicted upon him.

After his last encounter with Punisher, he was accidentally transported to Newark, New Jersey, where presumably he still resides.

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