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Quote1.png I'm Sam, Billy's the shorter one. Quote2.png
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S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sam Koenig was the identical brother of Billy Koenig, and the late Agent Eric Koenig.

Sam was responsible for Theta Protocol, which was rebuilding the Helicarrier.[1]

Sam stood under an umbrella and told Raina to get under it when she was being chased by Hydra agents. The umbrella was revealed to have cloaking capabilities. When Agent Triplett saw the Koenig's together he asked how many of them there were. They both jokingly said thirteen, but the exact number remains a mystery. When Ward came to retrieve Raina, he promised not to hurt them if they complied. Sam asked him what he promised his brother before murdering him. After the Hydra agents had returned to their Quinjets, Sam, Billy and Lance Hunter buckled up as Melinda May pulled a dangerous maneuver to fake the Bus' destruction. After reuniting with Director Phil Coulson, Sam was instructed to return with Billy to HQ and implement the Theta Protocol if Coulson's mission in Puerto Rico went south, to which Sam reluctantly agreed.[2][3]



  • Both Sam and Billy refer to the other as "the short one."
  • Sam is apparently a fan of Star Wars, and has Star Wars-themed bed sheets and socks.[1]

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