Sam Matonabbe was a half Caucasian/half Chipewya Indian living in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Despite his great stature and physical prowess, Matonabbe had always been ridiculed by the townsfolk for his "half-breed" status. Somehow, Matonabbe came to the attention of Pixie, a member of the race of Eternals who was looking for adventure among normal humans. Pixie was looking for a person who would become her crime-fighting partner, and she chose Matonabbe after watching how he dealt with those who would ridicule him.[1]

Determined to make him her partner, Pixie convinced him to use his powers as a crime fighter. Together, the two became known as Pixie and Oxbow, and they were later asked to join the premier superhero team of their generation, the First Line. Over time, the two developed a romantic relationship and were rarely seen apart.[2]

Pixie and Oxbow were among the members of the First Line assembled for its final mission, defeating an invasion by the alien Skrulls. Matonabbe was killed during the battle.[3]


Matonabbe possessed the powers of superhuman strength and invulnerability.


Skilled archer.


Oxbow used a compound bow with specialty weapons as arrowheads.

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