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Sam Silvercloud was a member of an Apache tribe. When Johnny Blaze planned to jump Copperhead Canyon, this plan angered several members of the tribe, who feared that the publicity of the stunt would make the land too valuable to ever allow the Apache to purchase for their own. Sam Silvercloud picked Blaze up in alleged preparation for the stunt, but then left him in the desert, when he refused to cancel the jump. Blaze made it back and fought Silvercloud, but was then confronted by Snake Dance who broke up the fight and warned Blaze to stay away from the Canyon. Silvercloud sabotaged Blaze's cycle, and Snake Dance and his "Serpent-Men" ambushed him as he traveled back to town that evening, as the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider fled, and tried to use his cycle to escape by jumping the Canyon. However, as a result of Silvercloud's sabotage, the engine blew up in mid-leap and Ghost Rider fell towards certain death.[1]

Thinking Blaze to be dead and wishing to cover up loose ends, Silvercloud kidnapped Blaze's girlfriend, Roxanne Simpson, and brought her to Snake Dance. Ghost Rider then arrived, easily overpowered Snake Dance and his allies, set their ritual site on fire, and took Roxanne to get help.[2]

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