Sam Thorne was an old classmate of Reed Richards and Victor von Doom --later Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and the Latverian dictator Doctor Doom -- during their years at State University.[1]

After graduating, Thorne ended up becoming coach for the Metro College football team, he also married a woman named Belle [2] and earned himself quite a reputation, often being compared to Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne. [3]

During the modern age of heroes, Sam coached over a team that included Whitey Mullins. He later discovered Wyatt Wingfoot who was friends with the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, while the youthful super-hero attended Metro. Thorne tried to convince Wingfoot to play for the team. [3] While he failed at coaxing the Native American student from joining the team, his wife Belle managed to convince Wyatt to join up. [2] Shortly there after Throne was a witness as one of his football games was interrupted by the arrival of Crystal and her pet Lockjaw while she was searching for her boyfriend, the Human Torch. [4]

Years later he was on hand when Wyatt eventually graduated. This was during a period of in which the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic and his wife the Invisible Girl were separate and he offered his condolences. Both Sam and Reed were later invited to a class reunion together. [5] This proved to be a petty trap set by Doctor Doom seeking to get revenge against both Richards and Thorne for his grievances against them dating back to their university years. [1] Both were rescued by the remaining members of the Fantastic Four. [6]

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