It is possible that fallen angels Samael and Sammael are the same beings.

Samael was an Angel of Heaven who was cast out,[2] consorted with Lilith,[3][1][4] and later was called "Satan".[3]

  • Samael is a character from Jewish mythology, depicted as an archangel and as the "archangel of death". His name is theophoric and references the patron deity "El". The name variously translates to English as the "Venom of God,", the "Poison of God," and the "Blindness of God". He was the guardian angel of Esau (son of the patriarch Isaac, older brother the patriarch Jacob) and a patron of the kingdom of Edom. His role varies in Jewish texts over the centuries, and he has been depicted as both good and evil. He is at times identified with Satan.
  • In Gnostic texts from antiquity, "Samael" was used as one of the names for the "Demiurge" ("Creator" or "Artisan" in the Greek language). The Gnostics believed that the material world was created by a flawed or evil deity (the Demiurge), while the spiritual world was created by a benevolent deity (the Aeon).
  • In Christian demonology, Samael is often identified with the fallen angel Azazel.

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