When the Fantastic Four and the Avengers sacrificed their lives to destroy Onslaught, Franklin Richards, the son of the FF's Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman subconsciously created a pocket universe to save their lives. There they spent an entire year reliving living new lives "reborn" into a reality where they recently gained their abilities that vaguely mirror how they gained their powers originally.

This new universe was completely populated with beings unique to his creation, one of them included Samantha Dunbar. Samantha lived with her husband in New York City, and she and her family were out sailing the day that the worlds heroes native to Earth-616 left Counter-Earth to return home in order to save both Earth's from destruction at the hands of the Celestials. Just after the world was thrown into complete chaos by the Dreaming Celestial, causing a giant tidal wave that flooded most of the eastern United States. Samantha's family drowned, however she survived and began living in a post penthouse apartment, scavenging for her needs and avoiding the patrols by both SHIELD and the Atlan armies.

One day, Dr. Doom fell from the sky in a blaze of fire and crashed into the water near her dwelling. Not knowing who the man was, Samantha would go to his rescue, helping Doom fend off attacking Atlan soldiers. They would escape to the Baxter Building where Doom would use CPR to revive her. Realizing who it was she saved, Samantha lashed out before collapsing in an emotional heap. She would tell Doom what had happened to their world, prompting Doom to decide to try and save Counter-Earth and rule over it.

As Samantha would rest, Doom would monitor the planet and come up with a solution to the problem. However when the Baxter Building is invaded by SHIELD and Atlan agents possessed by some strange mailable parasite, Doom would empower Samantha to fire powerful microwave energy. As Lancer she would destroy the creature and it's host bodies saving Doom's life. She would agree to become Doom's ally in his quest to tame a mad world.[citation needed]

Lancer would later clash with the creature known as Divinity as it was attacking Ashema a Celestial trapped in human form for aiding the heroes in returning to Earth-616. The battle would end with Lancer defeating Divinity, however Ashema would escape. After this conflict Samantha would learn that Doom had installed nanites into her body to monitor her at all times, a move that angered the woman, but she none the less remained loyal to Doom. They would next travel to Atlan where they would gain an alliance with Dorma ruler of Atlantis. Traveling to the North West, Lancer would battle Tomazooma while Doom would free Ashema and induct her and Divinity to his cause.[citation needed]

Much later, Doom would recruit Shakti and Technarx to his cause and they would prevent Wakanda from being invaded by the Arabian Knights. With Wakanda annexed into Doom's empire, Lancer was charged with making it's ousted prince of Wakanda after he failed to assassinate Doom. Dorma, manipulated by the Dreaming Celestial would lead Shakti, Divinity and Technarx in an attempted coup of Doom's reign, by first attacking Lancer. Lancer would prove to be immune to Shakti's magics, and Technarx's transmode virus, easily defeating them. The coup would be ended when Ashema (regaining her powers) would use them to battle the Dreaming Celestial and transport Counter-Earth to the Earth-616 universe where it could be less easily manipulated.[citation needed]

However, this would not stop the Dreaming Celestial from continuing to attack Counter-Earth, prompting Doom and his generals to go to Earth-616. There Lancer would meet Marvel Girl of Earth-58163, and clash with the Fantastic Four. She would chastise the Fantastic Four for abandoning Counter-Earth and praised Doom for being the only one attempting to bring order to her troubled world. The Fantastic Four would then agree to accompany Doom and his generals back to Counter-Earth in order to save it from the Celestials. The resulting battle ended in the seeming destruction of Mr. Fantastic, however he was in reality became trapped in Doom's armor while Doom was banished. Lancer would learn the truth, and agree to allow the ruse to continue in order to keep Doom's generals in line, and also considered Richards posing as Doom being better for Counter-Earth than having Doom himself in control.[citation needed]

Ultimately, Dorma and the other Generals would turn against Doom and attempt to destroy the Earth, however they would be stopped by the Avengers and "Doom" would turn over his control of Counter-Earth to Lancer. Lancer would keep Counter-Earth under her control and awaited the return of the true Dr. Doom. There would be many that would claim to be Doom, all of which would be slain as impostors. Soon the Baxter Building (now named Doom Central) would be attacked by Byrrah who was then ruling Atlan following Dorma's incarceration. The battle was eventually over turned thanks to the return of the true Dr. Doom. Following the battle, Doom would leave Counter-Earth in Lancer's continued care and would return to his own world.[citation needed]

In Doom's absence there was a power vacuum, with all of Doom's forces going to war with each other. Doom returned to Counter-Earth and attempted to save it, however Lancer was captured by SHIELD general Otto Octavius and his Iron Men. Her current fate following Doom's abandonment of Counter-Earth remains unrevealed.[citation needed]


Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[2]
Energy Projection4
Fighting Skills4


  • Plasma Generation and Manipulation: Her powers manifest in the form of lances consisting of raw nuclear plasma. She can throw them at her opponents, increasing or decreasing the force involved at will. She is thus able to adapt the force needed to the situation at hand. She can also manifest plasma "claws", manifesting in her fingers and able to cut through material.
  • Energy Immunity: Lancer has demonstrated near-immunity to energy attacks, including forms of radiation and magic. Her body needs only a few moments to adapt to the attacks.
  • Enhanced Reflexes and Strength:


Lancer has demonstrated exceptional intellect, tactical skills and insight.


Doom found what he believed to be an engine below Counter-Earth that would allow him to change reality, and subsequently reformed Counter-Earth to his whims, including recreating Lancer into a saber wielding squire. However, it would turn out that this was not an engine that would reshape Counter-Earth to the controller's whims, but an alien ship. The entire episode was likely a simulation that occurred inside Doom's own mind.

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