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Sammy Stone was a police officer operating in Los Angeles. She would frequently come to the Nickel Diner and chat with Frank Castle.[1]

Stone became disillusioned with the current justice system after her suspension for shooting a suspect fleeing a robbery, further exacerbated when Lou was assaulted by members of the Dos Soles Cartel.[2] She decided to strike out and become a vigilante; however, she was caught and arrested while roughing up those who had beaten her friend.[3]

Escaping from prison with the help of Hector Del Sol,[4] Stone became violent and insane,[5] ultimately learning Frank Castle and the Punisher were one and the same.[6] Vowing revenge on him for ruining her city, she confronted the Punisher in an alley, assuming the name Memento, and stabbing both him and his coyote, Loot, leaving them for dead.[7]

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