Samson was the strong man that worked at Pop's Circus during the 1940's. He was a brutish man who believed that he was more valuable to the circus than he really was. When the circus's young fire-eater Thomas Raymond discovered that he had flame powers when meeting the Human Torch, Pop would believe that the boys abilities would make a fortune for the circus. Overhearing this, Samson would scoff at the idea, pointing out that Pops hadn't paid him the promised bonus after his last performance. This, however, turned out to because Samson had fouled up during his last performance. Insulted by Samson's words, Pops would fire him and demand that he get off the circus lot. Samson would take his recent unemployment to try to take a shot at his former employer however the Human Torch would get in the way. While Samson would have the upper hand, the Torch would use his flame powers to end the fight, forcing Samson to get off the lot.

Not willing to let things be, Samson would plot to get revenge against Pops by ruining Toro's premiere show. He would hire men to set loose caged animals in the hopes that they would attack the audience, but Toro's quick thinking and flame powers would see the animals replaced in their cages. Furious at this failure, Samson would decide to go and deal with Pops and his circus directly.

Sneaking onto the circus property, Samson would confront the local scientist and demand he turns over his new invention, a Rayon Gun. When the scientist would refuse, Samson would shoot him in cold blood. Deciding to rob the box-office profits for the night, Samson would break into the box office. However, his attempted robbery would be noticed by the Human Torch and Toro who would attempt to stop him. Samson would use the Rayon Gun, which would negate their flame powers. However, despite this handicap, the Human Torch would be able to best Samson in combat turning him over to the guards on site, and then going after Samson's minions and capturing them as well.

Strength level

Samson had the above average strength for someone his age and build. He was able to match the Human Torch blow for blow


Samson would use a pistol, and later a Rayon Gun. The Rayon Gun would be able to negate the flame powers of the Human Torch and Toro for a temporary period of time.

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