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Sam Alexander grew up thinking that his dad was a drunk and a liar; it turns out only the first was true. Awakened one night by a green assassin and a talking raccoon, Sam learned that his dad's tales of being a space adventurer were all true and that he had gone missing! With evil on the move, Rocket and Gamora quickly trained Sam to be the universe's last remaining Nova![1]



Flight: As Nova, Sam is able to fly at great speeds beyond escape velocity and past lightspeed. Able to fly from galaxy to galaxy under his own power.

Energy Manipulation: Like most Novas, Sam is able concentrate the power of the Nova Force into a beam or a ball of energy and fire it from his hands. He can also utilize the energies he generates to create protective or reflective force fields, power star-ships, focus it into an energy razor capable of decimating ships, amplify his own striking power by covering blows in nova force energy or even his whole body with said energy to strike like a cannon round, detect and remove toxic elements within a living being, and much like his predecessor; the ability to create hyperspace portals which shorten the distance between different points in the universe.

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability: Sam has an uncanny amount of resistance to abrasion and concussive force.

Xandarian Worldmind: His helmet carries the remnants of what's left of the Nova Corps' Xandarian Worldmind, as such through the device Sam is bestowed a plethora of unique attributes through its usage.

  • Cosmic Awareness: Sam's Nova helmet flashes him different colors to depict different scenarios. It also allows him knowledge of most situations going on near him.



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