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Scoop Daly was a newspaper reporter who worked for The Sentinel in the 1930's (he later apparently worked for the Daily Bugle). Scoop was sent to track down the vigilante Night Raven but inadvertently became involved in his mission to clean up the New York underworld. Briefly held hostage by criminals, Scoop was saved by Night Raven's intervention and had an opportunity to abscond with a bag of stolen money but was intercepted by Night Raven who left him unconscious next to two dead crooks who would have killed him. Daly became involved in Night Raven's activities several times over the next few years, notably being used by the vigilante to help him trap the Deathmaster. In 1941, after Night Raven had been cursed with eternal agony by the gangster Yi Yang, Scoop acquired a cure for the vigilante's condition but was fooled into believing that if released to the air it would unleash a deadly plague. The by now irrational Night Raven kidnapped Scoop's wife Sadie and threatened to kill her if Night Raven did not hand over the cure, but Scoop shot Night Raven, who fell into the river and was swept away.

Scoop eventually passed away, but not before realizing that the cure was safe to use and that the plague story had been fabricated by Yi Yang. In 1965 Night Raven resurfaced, and Sadie Daly finally gave him the cure, which eased his pain though it could not restore his damaged body or end his immortality.

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