Cannonball was a member of Cable's X-Force who traveled back through time in order to stop the mercenary Deadpool from changing key historical points in Earth's past. As they arrived in 1777, Cannonball and the others realized changes already, the place they landed in was called Germantown. Deadpool locked himself in a mansion while holding a colonist as a prisoner.

Cannonball blasted forward right through the walls of the room knocking Deadpool off balance and unto the second floor of the building. As Cannonball, with some help cornered Deadpool in the basement, but he used his time device to teleport away. Since the mercenary disrupted the past, Cable had Cannonball and Boom-Boom stay behind to deal with the problem while he and the others followed Deadpool to 1863.[1]

As Cannonball hides out in the mansion with Boom-Boom, Cable reappears and tells him that in order to correct the timeline, Cannonball would have to make sure that the American Army loses at Germantown like it did in the history books. Cannonball is against this idea, but if he didn't, the ripple effects through time would be catastrophic. So Sam blasts out the window of the burning mansion straight into battle.[2]

Sam was blasting through the battlefield, knocking out the soldiers with blunt force attacks when huge cannonballs started to fly through the air. Though able to dodge them, fatigue started to kick in as his teammate Boom-Boom received a wound on her right side which she got from musket fire leaving him to fend for himself.[3]


Seemingly those of the Sam Guthrie of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Sam Guthrie of Earth-616.

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