After Cable jumped into the timestream with the messiah baby, Bishop stole some time-travel machinery from Forge and followed him. The rest of the X-Men were helpless to warn Cable, about Bishop coming after him.

For the next thirty years Sam hid, collected food and waited for Cable and Hope to reappear. During that time Cannonball became the last surviving X-Man of his timeline. He began using the remnants of Cerebra now more crude sense the lack of telepaths, and helplessly witnessed the deaths of all the remaining mutants on the planet. He waited patiently until years later when Cable and Bishop returned and were detected by Cerebra.[1]He followed the strongest signal, finding Cable in a small house in New Jersey with Sophie.[2]

Cannonball and Cable chatted and Cable was anxious to ask all sort of questions but he refrained from doing so knowing they had little time. Sam, told Cable to get a car with gas and drive putting some distance between the insane Bishop. Cannonball confronted Bishop, who ripped his heart out with his with robotic arm.[1]


See Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616)#Powers.


He would occasionally used advance firearms.[2]

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