A high level employee of the Roxxon Energy corporation, Samuel Higgins first came into contact with Alpha Flight when he recruited their member, Box to help Roxxon's superhuman operative, Windshear deal with a technological threat that was building based out of one of Roxxon's research locations. Box, along with Diamond Lil and Forge, discovered that the cause of Roxxon's troubles was the believed-dead James MacDonald Hudson. Higgins then revealed that he'd known Hudson was there all along. He further revealed that when Delphine Courtney tricked Alpha Flight into thinking Hudson had never died, but was transported through time/space, the robot had been telling the truth, but leaving out one vital detail. Hudson, upon his return to earth, shortly after his "death," was captured by extensions of Roxxon and his cyborg form connected to their research computers.

Higgins was not pleased when Windshear chose to leave the employ of Roxxon.



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