Samuel N'Dingi was the leader of the dominant Gawan tribe. He led the independence, becoming the king, garnering himself the nickname "Maliki Uhuru" (King Liberty). He established himself at Uzuri, the Emperor's Compound (formerly named the Kaiser's Compound).[1]

Willing to rule fairly and equitably, N'Dingi was confronted to the tribes rivalry and to the corruption of his administration working with foreign companies to leech Mbangawi resources.[1]

He was presumably succeeded by Jonas N'Dingi, himself succeeded by Joshua N'Dingi,[2] who will be able to counter that corruption.[1]

The exact relation between Samuel and Jonas N'Dingi is unrevealed in order to ensure the continuity, regarding to the sliding timescale. Samuel is most likely currently Jonas' son, but as his rule is fixed to start in 1961, their relation is a moving subject.[3]

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