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Happy Sam Sawyer was trained in parachuting in Britain in 1940 by Finley's Flying circus that comprised daredevil parachutist Nick Fury and pilot Red Hargrove where they nicknamed him Happy Sam due to his seriousness.

In 1942 Sawyer, who had been wounded in North Africa and was deemed unfit for combat missions, organised and commanded the Howling Commandos, Bull McGiveney's Maulers, Jim Morita's Nisei Squad, and Sgt Bob Jenkins' Missouri Marauders as well as the Deadly Dozen.

In modern times, Sawyer was in charge of defending New York against an army of Asgardians led by Loki.[1]

Baron Strucker created an LMD of Sawyer that attacked the original Howling Commandos as well as Captain America. Sawyer sacrificed himself when the LMD detonated itself while trying to gain missile navigation override codes.

His remains were buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In the wake of his death, a SHIELD assault Helicarrier was named in his honor. He is presumably the namesake of the Samuel J. Sawyer Memorial Veterans Hospital where Patrick O'Toole died.[2]

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Sam Sawyer was an excellent military leader and hand-to-hand combatant.


An injury he suffered in 1942 prevented him from participating in military combat from that time on.



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Standard military issue as needed.

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