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Sammy grew up friends with Richard Fisk, son of the Kingpin. He eventually went to work for Wilson,[1] but became furious when he figured out that Kingpin knew Daredevil's secret identity and let him interfere with their operations.[2] He organized an assassination attempt of Kingpin, using Richard and the Kingpin's lieutenants to do so.[3]

Wilson survived, and Vanessa Fisk ordered retaliation for the attempt on all the participants, incidentally killing their son.

Out of fear of death, Silke turned himself into the FBI, using Daredevil's true identity to bargain.[4] Matt's identity was leaked to the press from there, publicly outing him as Daredevil.

Silke went to prison, and was killed there by Kingpin who posed as his father for a visitation.[5]


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Moderately proficient criminal strategist, skilled in the use of knives and firearms.


  • Joined Kingpin's

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