Red Leader was a member of the Thunderbolts. During a road trip on the Punisher's van, Sterns set out to kill the rest of the team. Feigning a headache, the Leader asked General Ross for a lighter to stare at the flame and help him focus. Afterwards, Sterns began releasing a small amount of gamma radiation which Ross absorbed unwittingly. Unaware of the cause of the raise in temperature, Ross tried to sweat it out but eventually passed out.

The Leader then tossed the lighter into the body of Deadpool, who had shot himself to avoid putting up with the trip. When Deadpool combusted, the Leader pretended to look for an extinguisher and shoved Ross into Deadpool's flaming corpse, killing him. Due to the fire, Agent Venom's symbiote panicked and left his body. The Leader set off a road flare to keep the symbiote at a distance, and stabbed Flash in the heart through his back. The Punisher saw himself forced to stop the vehicle by crashing it into a dirt mound. The Leader got off the van hiding a net with grenades, and lied to the Punisher and Elektra that his other teammates needed help behind the courtain of smoke. When they entered the back of the van to check, the Leader flung the grenades back at the van, killing Elektra and Punisher in the explosion. Rejoicing on his freedom, the Leader left the scene. However, he was intercepted by Mercy and killed.

This entire scenario was glimpsed by the Leader of Earth-616 in the form of a hypothetical scenario he planned out. He backed out from executing the plan, fearing that he couldn't trust his brain and worrying about any variables that might have escaped him due to his reduced mental capacity.[1]


Seemingly those of the Samuel Sterns of Earth-616.

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