Quote1 I was always wondering what the Hulk would look like all old and creepy. Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker) src

Ultimate Mystery

Samuel Sterns (Earth-1610) and Jessica Drew (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Mystery Vol 1 4 0001

Sterns becomes the Hulk and catches the Spider-Woman.

Little is known of Dr. Samuel Sterns as yet, save that he is the senior member of the think tank Roxxon put together in the wake of the "Ultimate Enemy" event. Sterns shared his belief that the attacks on Roxxon and the Baxter Building are nothing but a robbery to gain access to their valuable objects and work of immense scientific importance, all of which were either stolen or destroyed. In which he guarantee that was the point of the attack. He and his think tank suspected Jessica Drew's infiltration into Roxxon, in which Stern reveals that he can change into a Hulk-like form and captured Drew.[citation needed]

Ultimate Doom

Samuel Sterns (Earth-1610), Peter Parker (Earth-1610), and Jessica Drew (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Doom Vol 1 2 0001

Sterns against Spider-Man.

Sterns was present during the examination of Jessica Drew. He and other members of his group learned of her origin from their leader, Otto Octavius. Shortly thereafter, they were suddenly attacked and subdued by Spider-Man. In the skirmish, Sterns was physically defeated by Parker after his "Hulk" transformation.[1]

Spider-Man No More

Dr. Samuel Sterns with the rest of the Brain Trust had decided to use as their experiments, for the creation of a super-soldier Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, who had been in a coma after an accident. Sterns with colleagues conducted experiments with dark matter over Tandy and Tyrone, typing them in a unique super powers.[2]


Samuel Sterns seems to have some Hulk abilities with the ability to control them, similarly to Tyrone Cash.


As a paraplegic, Dr Sterns requires a wheelchair when he isn't in his Hulk form.

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