The man who originally sabotaged Banner’s Gamma Reactor test, Sterns considered himself responsible for The Hulk’s creation, and believed that the Hulk’s great strength should be his. After the devastation of the blast nearly ruined gamma base, Sterns was part of the clean up crew. An accident on the scaffolding saw him fall into a pool of gamma waste, greatly increasing his intelligence and creating an evil streak in him.[citation needed]

Aided by the mutated Gargoyle and the brutish Abomination, The Leader has tried to steal The Hulk’s strength on several occasions, one day hoping to become a god with it.[1]

He finally succeeded when Hulk became separated from Banner. With his own brilliant intelligence and his newfound strength, Leader-Hulk returned to gamma base in an attempt to kidnap Bruce Banner. But when he finally reached Banner, Hulk took over his mind due to Hulk's hate for Banner, and found himself with Banner's memories without realizing that came from Hulk's mind. The monster then attacked the same gamma reactor that created him in the first place, while Leader fought for his mind, but he couldn't fight the Hulk's unlimited rage and, remembering Banner's transformation into the Hulk after the Gamma Bomb explode, Leader-Hulk nearly smashed the gamma bomb until Betty Ross came and calmed the Hulk's mind, letting Leader to retake the control. Leader-Hulk the left the gamma base.[2]

Realising the danger he was in, he transferred The Hulk’s strength back into Hulk. Unfortunately for him, the transformation didn’t simply cause him to lose his additional strength, his intelligence also decreased, eventually turning him back into Samuel Sterns. He and Gargoyle later tricked Grey Hulk into mutating him back via the Gamma transmitter, but Green Hulk appeared and destroyed The Leader’s lab.[2]

Due to his superhuman intelligence, The Leader is arrogant and condescending and thoroughly selfish. He believes that he is superior to all other beings and cares nothing for the desires of others. His obsession with gaining the power of Hulk borders on foolishness.


Seemingly those of the Samuel Sterns of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Samuel Sterns of Earth-616.

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