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Quote1 Shakespeare said the world was a stage. He was wrong. The world is a puzzle. But it takes an intellect such as mine to see just how the pieces fit. Quote2
The Leader

Samuel Sterns, a.k.a. the Leader,[6] was a simple-minded American laborer in a chemical plant in a menial capacity until an accident working with radioactive material bombarded him with gamma radiation, turning his skin and hair green and making his head and brain grow larger. The radiation increased his intelligence to genius-level along with an ego and ambition to match.[11] This led him into conflict with the Hulk, becoming his self-proclaimed archenemy.[3] Having died and been revived several times, the Leader became obsessed with the afterlife, having had experimented with the Green Door and thus learned of the existence of both the One Below All and the Below-Place,[12] though all of this would culminate in him being possessed by[13] and then actually, physically ripped out of the entity, powerless and changed back into his normal human form of Sterns. In spite of everything that he had done to him, the Hulk forgave Sterns and returned him to the Earthly plane.[14]


Early Life[]

Samuel Sterns was originally a slow-witted individual and a high school dropout. He was alienated from his family, as they doted on his more intelligent and more successful older brother Philip. As an adult, Sterns found employment working the night shift at a chemical research plant where his brother Philip was a researcher. One evening, he was moving canisters of waste material when one of the containers cracked open, bathing him in gamma radiation. Sterns survived what would normally be a lethal dose of radiation, but not without cost. Initially, however, the side effects seemed completely beneficial. Sterns discovered that his intellect had increased a thousand-fold, and he retained information with the accuracy of a computer. He began reading voraciously, accumulating as much knowledge as he possibly could. Before long, however, his gamma-irradiated body continued to mutate. His skin and hair turned permanently green, and his head and brain increased in size.[11]

The Leader[]

Skaar Son of Hulk Vol 1 6 Villain Variant Textless

The Leader

Abandoning his true human name, Sterns instead began to refer to himself as the Leader. Over the course of one year, he used his heightened intellect to become a criminal mastermind, and he developed an extensive spy ring with plans of taking control of the United States government. His efforts soon earned him the attention of another gamma-spawned mutate, physicist Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, clashing with him on numerous occasions[15] and, at one point, even ruining Banner's attempted first wedding to Betty Ross.[16]

Eventually, Sterns' increased mental capabilities began to lessen. It was not until it was entirely too late that he noticed this; by then, the external changes were seen through his reversion back to a regular-sized head and the disappearance of his green skin and hair. The Leader attempted to retain his super-intellect, but realized that time had run out and that he was now an ordinary human with baseline intelligence. Resigning himself to his fate, he took advantage of the regaining of his ordinary appearance to reintegrate himself into conventional American society and abandon his delusional ideas of taking over the world, eventually getting a job as a coroner's assistant in New Mexico. Much to his surprise, he was asked to help on a job at Gamma Base, to retrieve the corpse of General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross after his death at the hands of Zzzax. Sterns killed his co-worker and took the ambulance that had Ross' corpse within, following Bruce Banner, who was on his way to one of his old hidden laboratories, though he arrived too late to save the gamma-ray equipment that the Hulk destroyed after manipulating Banner into using it on himself. He told the now-Gray Hulk that he could permanently get rid of Banner for him if he helped get Rick Jones' version of the Hulk's gamma radiation into Sterns' body. The Hulk managed to use the knowledge in the Banner part of his brain to construct a new gamma-ray machine before knocking out the Jones-Hulk and strapping him into it. The resulting experiment successfully infused the gamma radiation into Sterns' body but also destroyed the laboratory, causing the Hulk and Jones to both believe that the Leader had perished. He escaped, however, and stole Ross' corpse, making his way to one of his own laboratories.

With his regained intelligence, the Leader also had a larger, bald cranium which was more mutated than his former appearance. He contacted a being named Half-Life and sent him to stall the Hulk before he could stop the Leader's plotting. After Half-Life's defeat, the Leader gathered up his parts and returned him to his base, outfitting him with a suit of armor and a camera, then sending him out again. He knew that the Hulk would ultimately win the fight and so he recorded a message to him which he would later leave. He developed technology around this time that was capable of returning life to dead bodies. He used it on Ross, though the procedure resulted in him being in a waking coma, basically a life without a mind.

Two former Hulkbusters were convinced to join his ranks and were transformed into Rock and Redeemer.[17] He sent the two of them to steal a Gamma Bomb from a U.S. government facility, then had them plant it in Middletown, Arizona, taunting the Hulk with the fact that there was a bomb that would go off in mere hours. The Leader waited for the Hulk to find it before sending Rock and Redeemer I out to fight him. In the resulting battle, the Hulk was weakened but triumphant, reaching the bomb with only minutes remaining. The Leader, being a sore loser, had teleported himself, Rock and Redeemer I away before manually exploding the bomb. The Leader had shield generators installed around the town, keeping the blast contained but at the same time killing 5,000 people and decimating what would later become known as Gammatown.[18] There were only five survivors, who were then rounded up by the military. The Leader hijacked the vehicle containing them and took them to his under-ice town of Freehold.[19]

The Leader had been populating Freehold with radiation victims, both great and simple-minded alike, by this time, knowing that some form of total annihilation was due to happen on Earth by the various world governments sometime in the future. Freehold would then survive and they would repopulate Earth. Because of his generosity and kindness, the people loved him.

When the Leader next surfaced, he had sent the U-Foes to break into the Pantheon's headquarters at the Mount, seeking an audience with Agamemnon. They arranged an agreement that the Pantheon would render aid to Freehold if and when it ever came under attack. He then approached Rick Jones with an offer to revive his dead girlfriend Marlo Chandler. The transfer of gamma radiation seemed to have bestowed an empathic link between the two, meaning that the Leader also felt Rick's loss. He already had the body; all that was left was his consent. It was eventually given and Jones joined the Leader, albeit reluctantly. When at Freehold, Jones found out that the Leader had both restored General Ross back to life and turned him into "Redeemer II". He began to doubt his decision to bring Marlo back to life if she would only be a vegetable like Ross now was, but he was placated by the Leader, who assured him that he had perfected the process since then. One of the five people who did not die in the Gammatown incident, Father Jason McCall, a priest who was now named Soul Man, had the ability to bind souls back into their resurrected bodies.

Freehold finally came under attack when Hydra raided the facility, seeking to take control of it. The Hulk was sent by Agamemnon, both keeping his promise of aid and allowing the Hulk to think that he was breaking it by simply handing over the position of Freehold for the Hulk to take revenge on the Leader for the 5,000 people that had been killed in Gammatown. The experiment to bring Marlo back to life had begun and the Leader dispatched Jones to stop the Hulk from destroying the process before it was completed. The Leader had instruments logging everything that Soul Man was doing, believing that the gamma mutated priest's powers could be duplicated in order to give him immortality. However, the Hulk burst in and destroyed the machine by throwing the Leader into both Soul Man and it. The Leader did not emerge from the resultant explosion.[9]

Following his death in Freehold, the Leader's disembodied spirit possessed his follower Omnibus, another one of the five survivors of the Gammatown incident. The Leader, through Omnibus, launched a series of terrorist attacks in an effort to plunge the world into chaos. The enraged citizens of Freehold put Omnibus on trial, found him guilty of the Leader's crimes, and exiled him to the Arctic Circle. After wandering around the tundra for some time, Omnibus was killed and eaten by a polar bear.[20]


During his many deaths and resurrections, the Leader temporarily entered the Below-Place each time through the Green Door, but he never remembered what he saw there or how he returned to life.[12] The Leader eventually reformed his body using the cells of plants and dead animals and hid in an abandoned mine in the American Southwest. The Leader mentally summoned Bruce Banner, who at the time was suffering from advanced ALS, to his location and told him that he was on the verge of achieving enlightenment and would soon transcend the Earthly plane. The Leader offered Banner a cure for his disease on the condition that Banner witness his ascension. Banner agreed and watched as the Leader's consciousness expanded, only for his body to explode at the final, crucial moment. The Leader returned to the Below-Place and became desperate, trying to run away from the presence of the One Below All. Banner later heard the Leader's voice in his head begging for help, claiming that he had made a terrible mistake. Unable to help the Leader at the moment, Banner turned his back on him and left.[21] Abandoned by the only one who could understand him, the Leader "looked Hell in the face" and embraced his own faith and hate. Since then, the Leader began to research the Green Door, trying to discover how to both open it and control it.[12]

Home Base[]

During a time of great personal duress for the Hulk and Bruce Banner, who had begun to merge their personas, it became clear that Home Base, a secret organization who had relentlessly pursued the Hulk in order to obtain his genetic material, was secretly led by the Leader. In the end, after all his other agendas had failed, the Leader finally managed to mentally control the Hulk and guided him toward his secret base with the intention of taking his indestructible body for himself. Due to the intervention of Nadia Blonsky, Betty Ross, Doc Samson, and Iron Man, the plan failed and the Leader died again.[22] These events, bizarre and nebulous as they seemed, may or may not have taken place; indeed, they may be partly true or entirely a construct by the extra-dimensional demon Nightmare in an attempt to avenge himself on the Hulk.[23]

On Trial[]

The Leader was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Hulkbusters and made to stand trial for his crimes. He was represented by Attorney Mallory Book from the She-Hulk's law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. During the trial, Ms. Book argued that the Leader was not responsible for his actions since his gamma radiation exposure had forcibly changed his personality. To prove her point, Book compared the She-Hulk to her alter ego of Jennifer Walters, revealing that Jennifer was much more promiscuous in her She-Hulk form. On the second day of the trial, the Leader's Humanoids arrived to rescue him. Instead of escaping, however, the Leader called off the attack, opting to see the trial to its conclusion, as he correctly predicted that his defense was going to win. He was found not guilty and released.[24]

The Warbound[]

The Leader resurfaced months later when the Hulk's Warbound escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D. in New York after World War Hulk. He erected a shield around Stoneridge and flooded it with gamma radiation. His head was now larger and more misshapen, and he now needed a special device on his shoulders simply to keep his neck from being broken by its weight. The device emitting the shield was powered by Hiroim's Old Power so that it could only be destroyed by his death. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with the Warbound discovered that the humans inside the dome would die if it was opened, as the gamma radiation was the only thing keeping them alive. The Leader had set all of this in motion in order to bring his body back to full strength after the stress of all of the transformations that he had been through since his original irradiation. In battle with the Warbound, the Leader was stabbed through the chest with an iron pipe. The Leader then absorbed the power of the dome, turning himself into a gray-skinned giant. Hiroim also absorbed the power and battled the Leader, draining both of them of their powers. In death, Hiroim channeled his Old Power into Kate Waynesboro, who attacked the Leader and forced him to teleport away.[25]

The Intelligencia[]

It was eventually revealed that the Leader, along with a select group of super-intelligent villains, was the head of a long-running criminal organization that he had founded and named the Intelligencia. Originally created to exchange information between criminal geniuses without any of them fighting each other, the Intelligencia was betrayed by Doctor Doom and disbanded. But years later, when the Hulk returned to Earth and decided to wage war on the planet, the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. both reformed the team, hacking into defense satellites and channeling cosmic energy through them which ultimately led to the Hulk's defeat. Through this information they gathered, the Intelligencia discovered how to combine gamma and cosmic radiation to create a powerful being.[26] They approached General Ross and convinced him to become their ultimate weapon, the Red Hulk, as part of their scheme to defeat the Hulk and conquer the world.[27] Many of the Hulk's allies were captured, brainwashed, and transformed into Cosmic-Gamma Mutates, such as the Red She-Hulk,[28] A-Bomb,[29] and Amadeus Cho.[8] The plan ultimately failed and the Red Hulk drained the Leader's body of all of its gamma radiation so that he changed back into Samuel Sterns.[27]

Thunderbolts Vol 2 3 Textless

The Red Leader

The Thunderbolts[]

The Red Hulk then gave Sterns a red gamma treatment to give him back his powers in order to use him as his intelligence agent.[30] Sterns was later killed by the Punisher as soon as he discovered that Ross had tried to use him for his own ends.[4] After Sterns was shot, the Red Hulk took him to a pipeline that fed red gamma energy into the Madman's lab. He then fed it into Sterns, bringing him back to life as the Red Leader.[31] The Red Leader then became a full-time member of Ross' Thunderbolts after these events.[32] After the Punisher quit the team, the Red Leader, looking for ways to kill the Thunderbolts and knowing that the Punisher had created countermeasures to take each one of them down, put a bomb in his safe house with a note saying "You don't quit us. You're fired." The Red Leader knew all along that the Punisher would both survive the explosion, then think that it was Ross who had attempted to kill him and thus take down the Thunderbolts all by himself.[33] When the Punisher attacked the Thunderbolts, he shot the Red Leader from a distance,[34] but he was eventually revealed to be a Life-Model Decoy.[33]

Six months after this incarnation of the Thunderbolts had disbanded, the Red Leader was living a life of luxury in Kata Jaya when his former partners on the team and the Avengers arrived to destroy the criminal empire that he had built there. Betrayed by Caitlin, a girl whose heart he was trying to conquer, the Red Leader was captured and put in jail. The Punisher used the Ghost Rider's skull to put the Red Leader under a permanent Penance Stare, but he was eventually freed from it by the demon-lord Mephisto, with whom he had made a deal when he had gone to Hell along with the rest of the Thunderbolts.[35] Enraged by the fact that the Red Leader had reneged on their deal, Mephisto made him sign a new contract and led him straight into Hell.[36]

The Ωmega Hulk[]

As part of his measure to neutralize Gamma Mutates around the world, the Hulk's new personality "Doc Green" pinned down the Red Leader, who through unknown means had escaped from Mephisto's Hell-realm and started to study the supernatural, and neutralized his gamma-powered abilities. However, the Red Leader had reached out previously to Gammon, an artificial intelligence duplicate of Doc Green who had implemented a countermeasure against Doc Green's actions. As soon as he was de-powered, he then slowly changed not into his second identity as the Red Leader, but into his first one as the Leader. He and Gammon agreed to work together.[37] The Leader later merged himself with Gammon.[12]

The New Intelligencia[]

The Leader then founded another team named the New Intelligencia with the goal of gaining control of both Kid Kaiju and his super-powers.[38] However, the team was defeated by both Elsa Bloodstone and Kid Kaiju and his monsters. Its members were then arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and imprisoned in Ryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary.[39][40]

After the Leader escaped from Ryker's, he then set his sights on the She-Hulk. Based on the changes to her She-Hulk form and his experiences with the Green Door, he deduced that Jennifer really had died as a result of her fight against Thanos and had since suppressed all of her memories of the Below-Place. The Leader decided to test if there would be any further changes triggered if the She-Hulk either died and was resurrected again or killed someone else.[12]

To this end, he used Professor Robyn Meiser Malt. Robyn was an obsessive She-Hulk fan whom the Leader had recruited a year earlier. The Leader then manipulated Robyn into capturing Jennifer and using her blood to give Robyn gamma-spawned super-powers. Making Robyn falsely believe that the human part of the She-Hulk stopped her from achieving her full potential, he then made her and Jennifer fight each other. However, during the fight, Robyn gained a telepathic connection with Jennifer. This led to Jennifer assessing a fuller control of her She-Hulk form and brute-forcing through the Leader's barriers to defeat him. In the end, he was once again arrested.[41]


The Leader ended up in the custody of the U.S. Hulk Operations. After their agents learned about the Hulk's return, they attempted to convince the Leader to help them analyze the Hulk's current behavior. However, the Leader used their moment of carelessness and escaped from Shadow Base Remote Facility 43B, where he was imprisoned.

After analyzing the Hulk's recent actions, the Leader finally made a plan to take him down. Instead of directly going after Banner, he infected Weapon H with a gamma-altering virus. Banner was already trying to catch Weapon H due to the accusations that were being spread about him. The Leader helped to arrange a confrontation between the two of them. The confrontation ended in a fight, during which the Hulk used his gamma-draining ability and, in effect, was infected with the virus. The Leader then further manipulated the two of them to take care of the Shadow Base agents that were following him. However, his plan was interrupted by the involvement of Wolverine, who was also following the rumors about Weapon H. Immediately afterward, he was confronted by Dr. Aliana Alba, who was following Wolverine. After a short fight, they decided to team up after they realized that there was someone manipulating the hunt for Weapon H.

In the end, they captured both the Hulk and Wolverine and transformed them into hybrids similar to Weapon H, but unable to control their actions. While executing their plan, the Leader and Alba got closer to each other. Finally, they sent their transformed victims to test their strength against an automated defence installation. However, Weapon H tracked them down and led the Hulk and Wolverine to the Leader and Alba. To save themselves, they deactivated nanomachines responsible for the Hulk and Wolverine's transformations and, after a failed attempt to defeat Weapon H, teleported away. Afterwards, they shared a kiss.[42]

The Immortal Hulk[]

Their relationship obviously didn't last very long, however, as the Leader immediately left Alba after he intercepted a tiding-fly that was transporting knowledge gained from the mind of the Breaker-Apart, an alternate future version of the Hulk whose soul had been completely replaced by the One Below All - and who then became a cosmic entity upon the death and rebirth of the Multiverse. The tiding-fly was sent from an alternate universe in the Ninth Cosmos that fell prey to him in the hope of preventing that turn of events from ever happening.[43] However, instead of preventing it, the Leader actually wanted to implement the One Below All's plan to become the only remaining being in the Multiverse.[44]

The Leader put his accumulated knowledge into practice and traveled to the Below-Place. Here he accosted Brian Banner, who was wandering the Hellscape after his own escape plan had failed. The Leader promised him that he would help him escape the Below-Place;[12] however, he then turned on Brian and both absorbed and devoured his mind both to assimilate his knowledge of the Green Door and his connection to the One Below All and to take control of his body. To carry out his plan, the Leader needed Bruce Banner - as his connection with gamma radiation was the strongest - and planned to do this by going after Banner's loved ones and his many Hulk personas.[45][44] Disguising himself as Brian, the Leader confronted Banner in this disguise to strengthen his control over the Green Door, which he used to take control over Rick Jones' hollow body. He also took control of Banner's Green Scar persona and used the chaos created in Banner's mindscape by the alien Xemnu the Living Titan to seal away the Devil Hulk persona.[46]

When the Hulk became popular after defeating Xemnu, the Leader decided to put his plan into action. Using Rick Jones, the Leader sent a surge of gamma radiation into the Hulk during a photo-op, causing him to explode in a burst of gamma energy. This incident wreaked havoc over the surrounding area and cost many lives, though some lives were saved when Rick acted as a shield against the blast. When Gamma Flight came to apprehend the Hulk before he caused even more destruction, the Hulk battled them while the Leader commented on the situation.[47]

The Leader also took control of test subject Del Frye and used him to kill Doc Samson, forcing Samson's soul to travel to the Below-Place so that the Leader could force him to watch as his plans unfolded. Just as the Leader wanted, Puck fired a beam of energy at the Hulk as he was fighting the Absorbing Man, severely injuring him. This allowed the Leader to use the Green Door to take control of the Hulk's Green Scar persona and thus take control of the Hulk.[48]

In Bruce's mindscape, the Leader bound Banner and the manifestations of the Savage Hulk and Joe Fixit personas to the prison that held the Devil Hulk. The Leader then bragged to Banner how he was using the Green Door to take control of his mind. He began to hit snags in his plan, however, when he tried to entice Dr. Charlene McGowan of the U.S. Hulk Operations to join him. While the Leader was distracted, Samson struck him with a piece of debris, inflicting a severe head injury. McGowan then used a translocator to split Rick Jones in two, which the Leader felt. Seeing that his plan was now skating on thin ice, the Leader quickly decided to drag Banner through the Green Door immediately instead of making him suffer. This unexpectedly caused the Devil Hulk to become angry enough to finally break free from his prison and confront the Leader, causing the Leader to become very afraid.[7]

One Below All (Multiverse) from Immortal Hulk Vol 1 42 001

The Leader after being possessed by the One Below All

The Leader was able to distract the Devil Hulk briefly by turning into Brian Banner before transforming into a crab-like monstrosity and grabbing Banner. The Devil Hulk tried to fight the Leader but was unexpectedly restrained by the Savage Hulk persona, who believed that the Leader was Brian Banner and had decided to protect him so that he could be loved by him. With the Devil Hulk restrained, the Leader killed him and dragged both the Devil Hulk's corpse and Banner through the Green Door. Once he was in the Below-Place, the Leader hooked Banner and the Devil Hulk's corpse to strange plant-like structures[44] for the purpose of turning him into a device to channel gamma radiation to the One Below All. However, the Leader could not get the system to work, even though Brian Banner could. Then the Leader learned the truth from Brian Banner's mind: Brian could do it because he was possessed by the One Below All, something the Leader did not want to happen to him. After that, the One Below All possessed the Leader, much to his horror.[13]

The Leader eventually grew to a gargantuan size and built a massive fortress around himself. Joe Fixit, the Savage Hulk, and Jackie McGee managed to travel to the Below-Place using the Fantastic Four's Forever Gate and confronted him. However, the Leader ensnared the Savage Hulk with tendrils and controlled him like a puppet in order to fight Joe so that he could absorb both of them. When Jackie finally came to terms with her past, she unleashed a beam of energy that harmed the Leader, allowing Joe and the Savage Hulk to forcibly separate him from the One Below All and unexpectedly de-powered him as well. After the Savage Hulk and Joe talked with both the One Below All and the One Above All, the Savage Hulk forgave Sterns for everything that he had done to him. Sterns was then returned to Earth with Jackie, Banner, and Banner's Hulk personas where he was shackled and presumably taken into police custody.[14]


Power Grid[60]
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The Leader has created devices with a variety of functions. He has developed a technological means to telepathically control the minds of both the Hulk and the Rhino.


An enormous army of synthetic androids named the Humanoids has been developed by the Leader, all of them able to perform a huge variety of tasks and ranging in size from microscopic to hundreds of feet tall. The Leader also utilizes a unique assortment of advanced weaponry including laser pistols, pulse weapons, a pair of mechanical gauntlets named the Kinetron Mitts which could reflect the kinetic energy of the Hulk's punches back at him (thus, they were potentially able to defeat the Hulk with his own power),[59] etc.


The Leader always has access to various highly advanced vehicles and death machines. One such conveyance, the Murder Module, was used to combat the Hulk during the Leader's brief control of Gamma Base.[58] Recently, after years of researching the Green Door, the Leader became able to open it, allowing him to teleport himself to the Below-Place at will,[12] but he lost this means of transportation after being separated from the One Below All.[14]


  • Early appearances of the Leader portrayed him with black hair, but later versions of the character revealed that his hair (before going bald) was actually a very dark green.

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