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Samuel Sterns was a scientist studying then-still unnamed Gamma Radiation at the turn of the 20th century. Experimenting with radium from the study in his home, Samuel struggled with financial and family difficulties, being unable to afford a housekeeper while his wife Anne did not approve of his work, believing it made her husband unhealthy. Hoping that Samuel would abandon his endeavours and follow her, Anne left with their little son Philip to live with her relatives in Oklahoma. Feeling left alone, Samuel had an affair with Beatrice, the wife of his brother Robert, who was likewise feeling alone with her cold and distant husband. Just as Samuel was on the brink of a breakthrough discovery, Robert had learned of his wife's infidelity. During a visit to Samuel's house, Robert bludgeoned him in the head and forcibly fed him a piece of gamma-irradiated radium, killing him.[1]



Sterns was a talented scientist.

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