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Quote1.png I might fail. Shit, I might die. But... we built this country. Bled for it. I'm not gonna let anybody tell me I can't fight for it. Not after what everybody before me went through. Including you. Quote2.png
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Military Career

Sam Wilson was a United States Air Force pararescueman, and the operator of an Exo-7 Falcon jet pack, who separated from active service some time after a mission saw his best friend Riley being shot down alongside him. Having relocated to Washington, Wilson set up a support group for former soldiers struggling to adjust after their return to civilian life.[3]

Meeting Captain America

While he was on a morning jog across the streets of Washington, D.C., Wilson met Captain America, a.k.a. Steve Rogers, who was also jogging on the same route, as well as outrunning Sam several times. After Wilson stopped to catch his breath, Steve came and they talked about their statuses as veterans and their time serving the United States Armed Forces. Their conversation was interrupted when Steve was being deployed for a mission.

Later that week, Steve learned that the government agency he'd been working for, S.H.I.E.L.D., had been subverted by the Nazi division Hydra for decades. Steve and his partner Agent Natasha Romanoff contacted Sam for assistance, as he was a man that Steve was certain they could trust, as he had no active role in S.H.I.E.L.D.. Wilson agreed to join their effort, but he requested them to procure a mothballed Exo-7 Falcon wing harness in return.

Samuel Wilson (Earth-199999) from Captain America The Winter Soldier Poster 001.jpg

With the Exo-7 Falcon acquired, Sam was able to help Steve and Romanoff interrogate Hydra agent Jasper Sitwell. He revealed Hydra was planning to launch Project Insight, a global targeting system that would immediately eliminate anyone in the globe Hydra deemed a threat.[3]

The Winter Soldier

Sam, Steve, and Romanoff headed towards the Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters in D.C., after interrogating Sitwell. However, they were ambushed by the Winter Soldier on the highway. The Winter Soldier assassinated Sitwell, then attacked the trio one at at time. Sam fended for himself, while Steve took on the Winter Soldier. Steve unmasked the Winter Soldier, but not before the Hydra S.T.R.I.K.E. team came to arrest Sam, Steve, and Romanoff, who were labeled fugitives.

While in prisoner transport, Steve revealed that the Winter Soldier was Bucky Barnes, one of his comrades from World War II who was presumed KIA. Suddenly, the transport van came to a halt, then Maria Hill (posing as a S.T.R.I.K.E. agent) shot the other transport guards. She brought them to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, who had faked his death and had a plan to prevent Hydra from massacring millions of people. Fury wanted to disrupt the deployment of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s three new Helicarriers by replacing the targeting control chips on each Helicarrier. Sam agreed to the plan when Steve agreed to it.

The next day, Sam suited up as the Falcon, alongside Captain America and Maria Hill. Falcon proved to be a valuable asset due to his ability to fly between the airborne Helicarriers. He and Captain America were able to take out two targeting systems before the Winter Soldier attacked them and removed one of Falcon's wings. Later, on the ground, Sam encountered S.T.R.I.K.E. leader Brock Rumlow. The two engaged in combat, but were interrupted when the last Helicarrier crashed into their side of the building. Sam made it out, with Fury and Romanoff, in a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Rogers had been grievously injured and had almost drowned due to his confrontation with Bucky. Sam stayed by his hospital bed until he awoke.

Later, Romanoff met with Sam and Steve to give Steve a dossier on Bucky. When Steve asked Sam if he would join him on his search for Bucky, Sam agreed by asking when would they start?[3]

The Avengers

Sam and Steve kept searching even after a year of cold leads and dead ends. Steve eventually had to rejoin the Avengers, as they were mopping up scattered Hydra cells in search for Loki's Scepter, which was stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D. after its collapse. The Avengers eventually retrieved it from Baron Strucker's Hydra cell. Three days later, Sam attended the Avengers' celebration party for retrieving the scepter and taking out the active Hydra cells. At the party, Steve told Sam he was welcome to join the Avengers on their Hydra raids, but Sam declined, saying the Avengers' world was "crazy."

Later, Sam was one of the heroes chosen by Steve Rogers to serve on the new Avengers roster, which included Steve, Romanoff, Col. James Rhodes (War Machine), Wanda Maximoff, and the Vision.[5]

Months later, Sam was at the New Avengers Facility when the site's security system detected something anomalous. He went to investigate and encountered intruder attempting to access the facility unnoticed. Sam tried to grab the intruder, who called himself Ant-Man, but Lang resisted and fought him off. Sam was caught completely off-guard by his adversary's ability to grow and shrink at will, and ultimately proved unable to stop him from robbing the facility of an old piece of equipment stored there. Frustrated by the encounter, he researched the man further in a bid to track him down.[6]

Sam continued training as an Avenger with Steve and the rest of the team. His and Steve's strength as a partnership grew even stronger. One day, Sam informed Steve that an ex-Hydra agent was detected travelling through Africa specifically to Nigeria. Sam and Steve assumed it was Bucky. They assembled the team and headed to Lagos, Nigeria to apprehend Bucky. However, as they were approaching, intel revealed the ex-Hydra operative to be Brock Rumlow, now going by the alias "Crossbones", instead.[7]

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They arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, and began reconnaissance, looking for Crossbones. Romanoff and Wanda took to the streets, while Steve led the team from a nearby apartment building. Sam scouted the location from atop a building and was able to identify Crossbones' truck with his drone Redwing. Crossbones breached the Institute for Infectious Diseases Building, and attempted to release a deadly toxin, but the Avengers quickly went through his group of mercenaries and stopped him. However, he distracted Steve momentarily by mentioning Bucky, which allowed him to detonate a suicide bomb. Wanda quickly acted to save Steve by levitating Crossbones upwards, but that only caused the bomb to kill the people that were in the building near them. The Avengers aided the fire and rescue troops in rescuing the people affected.[8]

The Sokovia Accords

The Avengers' actions in Lagos stirred up a lot of controversy among the people and the governments of the world. The following month, Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, returned to the Avengers base with Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross. Ross showed footage of the destruction caused by their battles in New York, Washington, Sokovia, and Lagos. He also presented to them the Sokovia Accords, a document of guidelines proposed by the United Nations in order to keep the Avengers under regulated oversight at all times. The idea of allowing the government to control the Avengers was very divisive, with Sam and Steve strongly protesting it, while Tony, Rhodey, Vision, and Romanoff all voting to sign it.

Winter Soldier Resurfaces

Sam accompanied Steve when he went to the funeral of his old flame Peggy Carter and listened to her niece, Sharon Carter, give a eulogy. They later went to the hotel where Sharon was staying and found out that Bucky had resurfaced and had apparently bombed the United Nations conference in Vienna. Steve decided to go after Bucky, and Sam offered his assistance without hesitation.

They found Bucky hiding out in Romania. Sam guarded the building while Steve had a conversation with him. Sam informed Steve the Romanian police were closing in on them, but Bucky wouldn't leave with Steve. The two were chased out of the building by the police, where they encountered the Black Panther. The chase led them to the streets, but was eventually stopped when War Machine came to arrest them for violating the Sokovia Accords. Sam was taken with the others to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre in Germany. On the way there, Sam jokingly asked T'Challa if he liked cats. T'Challa revealed to them that the Black Panther was a mantle passed down from each generation of Wakandan kings, and since the Winter Soldier had killed his father in the Vienna bombings, he now was the Black Panther and was looking for revenge.

They arrived at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre and were greeted by Sharon and Everett Ross of the CIA. Later, they listened in on Bucky's interrogation with a psychiatrist. Steve started to grow suspicious about how quickly the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre was able to locate Bucky, as opposed to his and Sam's two-year hunt. During the interrogation, the power went out, which made the alarmed Steve and Sam rush to where Bucky was being kept. They found the psychiatrist on the floor asking for help, but Steve pinned him against a wall and asked who he was. The psychiatrist revealed he was someone who wanted to see an empire fall. Sam was then attacked and knocked out by the Winter Soldier.

Sam later met up with Steve, who had captured Bucky and gone into hiding in a nearby abandoned building. They questioned Bucky, who was brainwashed when he attacked the others. Bucky revealed that he believed the psychiatrist was looking to unleash the other Winter Soldiers from stasis in a base in Siberia. Sam said that their situation would've been a lot simpler before the Accords came into play. Steve suggested they try asking Tony for help, but Sam dismissed it as a bad idea. Steve instead called on the Avengers who were on his side to assemble, while Sam went and recruited Ant-Man.[8]

Civil War

Samuel Wilson (Earth-199999) from Captain America Civil War 003.jpg

The next day, Steve told his team that the plan was to get to a helicopter within the nearby Leipzig/Halle Airport. Sam and Bucky went into the airport terminal to scout out for the Avengers quinjet, while Steve was confronted by Iron Man, who had assembled his own team of heroes. Iron Man's team of heroes went to arrest Captain America's team. Sam and Bucky were first attacked by Spider-Man. Sam scoffed at his suit and abilities, saying "everyone's got a gimmick now." However, Spider-Man did manage to trap both him and Bucky in his extremely tight webbing. Sam got out of webbing and joined in on the battle on the tarmac.

He mostly fought aerially with War Machine, Iron Man, and the Vision. Soon, he pointed out to Steve that not everyone was going to get out of the battle, so he pushed Steve and Bucky to be the ones to fly to Siberia and beat the psychiatrist. Steve took Bucky into the quinjet and flew away. Iron Man and War Machine gave chase, and Falcon followed after them. Falcon dodged a laser beam shot by the Vision at him, and it ended up shooting down War Machine. War Machine hit the ground at fully energy. Iron Man flew down and found him unconscious. Falcon flew down as well out of concern and apologized, to which Iron Man responded by shooting him with his repulsor beam.[8]

Avengers Disassembled

Sam was later locked up with Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Wanda in the Raft, under the supervision of Secretary Ross. Sam asked how Rhodes was when Tony came by his cell. Tony offered an update, and asked how Sam was. Sam questioned his good cop approach and told him he would have to go bad cop to get any information out of him. Tony turned off the security footage, and admitted he was wrong to Sam and that the man pretending to be Bucky's psychiatrist was the mastermind behind all of it. Sam told Tony where Steve was when he promised that he would go alone and as a friend.

Shortly after Iron Man confronted Captain America and the Winter Soldier in Siberia,[8] Rogers broke into the Raft and rescued his friends. While he parted ways with most of them, he partnered with Sam and Natasha to continue fighting terrorists in the shadows.[9]

Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War poster 028 Textless.jpg

In 2018, Sam, Rogers, and Romanoff were contacted by Bruce Banner to help Wanda and Vision, who had retreated to Scotland. The three Avengers arrived and rescued Wanda and Vision from Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, who were under orders from Thanos to take the Mind Stone from Vision's head. With Vision damaged, Sam and the Avengers traveled to Wakanda, where T'Challa's sister Shuri offered to remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head. Though Sam aided the Avengers in fighting Thanos's forces to buy Shuri time, Thanos eventually acquired the Mind Stone and snapped half of the universe's population into dust, including Sam.[10]


Five years later, the Avengers underwent a Time Heist and resurrected the fallen with past versions of the Infinity Stones. After his resurrection, Falcon contacted Rogers and emerged from a portal on Rogers's left, alongside the resurrected and their allies. Falcon joined the Avengers in fighting a past version of Thanos who had travelled to 2023, with the battle eventually concluding with Tony using the Infinity Stones to snap Thanos' forces away, at the cost of his own life.[11]

After attending Stark's funeral, Sam watched as Steve prepared to travel across time to return the past Infinity Stones to their proper times. However, Steve did not return after five seconds, much to Sam's concern. Just then, Bucky pointed out an elderly man in the distance, whom Sam realized was an elderly Steve. The elderly Steve explained to Sam that after returning the Infinity Stones, he had returned to the 1940s and spent the rest of his days with the love of his life. Steve then bequeathed his shield and mantle to Sam.[11]

Succeeding Captain America

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier poster 003 textless.jpg

However, Sam instead chose to relinquish the shield into the hands of the United States Government, deciding that he wasn't the one who could continue the legacy of Captain America and feeling that the Shield still belongs to someone else. The government planned to put the shield into a museum exhibit, which Sam found he could live with. He continued operating as the Falcon alongside the U.S. Air Force to take down a terrorist group led by Georges Batroc. Meanwhile, an Air Force lieutenant with whom Sam was working, Joaquín Torres, tracked down a new emerging revolutionary group calling themselves the Flag Smashers and brought them to Sam's attention. Sam instructed Torres to keep tabs on the group, returning to Louisiana to his family home to see his sister and his nephews, who found themselves struggling financially with the family fishing business not bringing in any income since the family boat was out of commission. Sam attempted to get a bank loan for his sister, but his appeals were rejected because he hadn't had a source of income during the Blip when he had been deceased. Disheartened, Sam and his sister returned home to see on the news that the shield had not been placed in a museum—it was now in the hands of a new Captain America.[12]

Sam dejectedly went back to work with the Air Force, this time going to track down a lead on the Flag Smashers that Torres had found. He was instead approached by Bucky Barnes, who had been pardoned for his actions as the Winter Soldier and was now in court-mandated therapy. He revealed that he had been keeping tabs on Sam and had seen the new Captain America on TV, and confronted Sam, asking him why he had given up the shield. Sam only offered the excuse that he thought it was the right thing to do, before continuing with his job. Bucky followed him on this mission, with the two working together roughly to pursue a group of super-soldier serum-enhanced individuals. When Sam clocked a possible hostage in the back of one of the trucks the Flag Smashers were loading with stolen medicines, he and Bucky pursued the truck, only to find that the "hostage" was the group's leader, Karli Morgenthau. The enhanced revolutionaries fought the two to a near standstill before the arrival of John Walker, the new Captain America, and his comrade Lemar Hoskins, going by the moniker Battlestar. Despite Walker's having Captain America's shield, the two new soldiers were also quickly overpowered, and the four were forced to retreat.

Walker and Hoskins offered Sam and Bucky a ride back to base, which ended up being tense as both Sam and Bucky resented Walker for taking up Steve Rogers's mantle. They soon departed to pursue a new lead after determining that the Flag Smashers had been enhanced with super-soldier serum. Bucky took Sam to the last person he had known to have had the super-soldier serum and had it work, a man named Isaiah Bradley. The two were stopped by Bradley's nephew Elijah, who insisted that he wouldn't see them, but Bradley let them through when he heard that Bucky was there. Bradley shared that he had been part of a program to recreate the super-soldier serum in the 1950s by testing on black soldiers, and that he been one of the few successes the military had had. During this time, he had come face to face with an activated Winter Soldier and even managed to destroy his arm. Bradley was imprisoned sometime later and tested on for 30 years. Bradley, angered by Sam's insistence that he should come forth with his story, threw a box into a wall and commanded the two men to leave his house. Sam confronted Bucky after this, demanding to know why nobody, especially not Steve, had known about Isaiah Bradley all this time. Bucky responded that it was best Steve didn't know because there was nothing he could have done about it. The two men arguing in the street attracted the attention of the cops, who zeroed in on Sam speaking with Bucky and attempted to arrest him for no reason until they recognized him as the Falcon. Both men were angered by this confrontation, and the cops made to leave until they saw that Bucky had an arrest warrant out for him for missing a court-mandated therapy session.

Sam followed Bucky to the prison, where he was released on Walker's orders. Bucky's therapist agreed to permanently clear Bucky for duty if he and Sam had a final joint therapy session. During this session, Bucky confronted Sam once again on why he gave up the shield. Sam offered the same excuse as before, that he thought it was the right thing to do, and asked why it mattered so much to Bucky. Bucky confessed that Steve's giving Sam the shield meant that Steve trusted Sam with that role. But Sam's giving up the shield made Bucky worry that Steve had been wrong about Sam and if Steve had been wrong about Sam, then Steve might have been wrong about Bucky, which scared him. Sam acknowledged this and then left with Bucky, where they met Walker and Hoskins outside. Walker told the two that they should be planning their next moves as a group, but Sam and Bucky rejected this, stating that they were free agents with no government oversight, unlike Walker and Hoskins, and intended to act like it. Walker accepted this but warned the two to stay out of his way going forward. Sam and Bucky then discussed what their next move should be, and Bucky told Sam, assuming that the new serum had come from Hydra, as it had for him, that he thought they should visit the man who knew all of Hydra's secrets: Zemo.[2]

The two then traveled to Germany, where Zemo was imprisoned and visited his cell. They left after Bucky had a brief discussion with the man and later met up again in an old warehouse, where much to Sam's surprise and anger, Zemo showed up. Bucky explained that he had "hypothetically" freed Zemo from prison by orchestrating a complex prison break because he was their best chance at hunting down the source of the new serum. Sam reluctantly agreed to this, but commanded Zemo to do only what they said, to which he agreed. Zemo revealed that his family was one of the wealthy Sokovia barons and baronesses and that he was incredibly rich. He led them to a storage house where several vintage cars having belonged to his family were stored and then to his private jet. The group flew to the island nation of Madripoor, which Zemo explained was a former pirate sanctuary turned black market crime country. Zemo disguised Sam as Conrad Mack, aka Smiling Tiger, an infamous criminal, and Bucky as the Winter Soldier, leading them into the city. Here, they started a brawl in a bar to get the owner's attention so they could speak to criminal informant Selby, who told them that a scientist, Dr. Wilfred Nagel, was responsible for producing the new serum under the funding of the Power Broker. Their meeting was foiled when Sam received a call from his sister, who addressed him by his real name, compromising all three men. Selby was assassinated by an unseen sniper, leaving Sam, Bucky, and Zemo to take out her bodyguards.

They fled the building and ran into Sharon Carter, who revealed herself as their savior sniper and asked what they were doing in Madripoor and with Zemo. They explained their situation before Carter led them to Nagel in exchange for getting her name cleared in the United States, where she had been branded a traitor for stealing back Steve and Sam's gear during the Sokovia Accords debacle. Sam accepted this and the three tracked down Nagel working out of a hidden lab in a shipping yard, where they confronted him and found out that he had created 20 vials of a new serum based on isolates from Isaiah Bradley's blood, and that the new serum granted its users all the same powers but without any visible physiological changes. He also informed them that all 20 vials had been stolen by Morgenthau and her Flag Smashers. Satisfied with this information, Zemo found a hidden gun and used it to kill Nagel, to the shock and anger of Sam and Bucky. they were forced to run, however, when the lab was blown up by an RPG launched by bounty hunters who had come to kill the trio after the assassination of Selby. They managed to fight off the group with help from Carter, who had been keeping watch, and then departed the area, with Sam promising to get Carter's name cleared. Hearing that the Flag Smashers were now in Latvia, the trio set out for a safehouse Zemo had there, though Bucky split off from the group to take a walk while Sam and Zemo went to the house.[4]

When Bucky returned, he informed the group that the Dora Milaje had arrived and were demanding Zemo be handed over to them for the murder of King T'Chaka. Bucky also told them he had bought them eight hours, which promoted them to move on to find their next lead immediately. After Zemo found out by bribing children with candy that the Flag Smashers were holding a funeral for one of their figureheads who had died, the group moved to track down this new location but were intercepted by Walker and Hoskins. Walker explained that they had tracked Sam and Bucky to Latvia after Zemo's prison break and wondered why they were working with him. Sam explained that they had a lead they were pursuing and continued to find it, with Walker and Hoskins joining them. They arrived at the location of the funeral, where Sam demanded to talk with Morgenthau alone for ten minutes. During their conversation, Sam gleaned a better understanding of why Morgenthau was doing what she was but warned her that a dark and violent path would end poorly for her and her fellow Flag Smashers. In the middle of the conversation, a paranoid Walker barged in and attempted to arrest Morgenthau, despite the ten minutes not being up yet. Morgenthau fled, leaving the group to split up and attempt to find her. Sam and Bucky got lost in a maze of hallways, but eventually came across Walker, who had knocked out Zemo, who had found Morgenthau and the vials of serum and seemingly destroyed them all, though Morgenthau had escaped.

The trio retired to Zemo's safe house, where they attempted to plan their next moves, but Walker and Hoskins barged into the house and tried once again to seize Zemo. Sam and Bucky resisted this, intending to honor their agreement to the Dora Milaje, who coincidentally showed up as well. Walker attempted to sweet-talk Ayo into allowing them to have Zemo instead, which prompted a brutal and humiliating fight that put both Walker and Hoskins on the floor. Sam and Bucky joined the fight when they realized they still needed Zemo to track down the Flag Smashers, though they were also beaten while Zemo escaped into the sewers. Nonetheless, Sam got a call later from his sister, who informed him that Morgenthau had threatened her life and the lives of her sons to arrange a meeting with Sam. Sam showed up with Bucky, despite her requests that he come alone, though she talked with him anyway. In the middle of this, Sam was informed by Sharon, who was observing via satellite, that Walker had found them and was coming to capture the Flag Smashers. Morgenthau attempted to fight Sam, feeling that this was yet another breach of trust, as Sam and Bucky ran to go stop him.

Sam only came across Walker once he had already breached the compound, where he effortlessly threw a Flag Smasher down the stairs. Sam realized that Walker had somehow dosed himself with the super-soldier serum as well and attempted to prevent him from using lethal force. As Walker, Bucky, and Sam all fought, Hoskins, who had been captured but escaped, reentered the fight and attempted to stop Morgenthau from fighting Walker. Morgenthau instead took her anger out on Hoskins, delivering a shattering punch to his torso which launched him into a stone pillar, killing him instantly. This gave pause to the whole group, a period that the Flag Smashers used to escape. Sam, seeing the rage building in Walker's eyes and knowing his strength, attempted to stop him from pursuing the Flag Smashers, but failed to do so before Walker could chase down one of them and brutally decapitate him using the edge of Captain America's shield, much to the horror of Sam, Bucky, and hundreds of onlookers.[13]

Sam and Bucky pursued Walker when he fled the city square after killing the Flag Smasher, confronting him in an abandoned warehouse where he appeared to mourn Lemar before moving on with his mission. He attempted to plan the group's next moves with Sam and Bucky, not understanding their intentions. Sam explained that what Walker did was going to reflect poorly on him and that he needed to give Sam the shield. Walker, viewing this as a hostile usurpation of his title as Captain America, fought back against the two, incapacitating Bucky temporarily and pinning Sam down. He ripped the wings off of Sam's uniform and prepared to decapitate him as well, but Bucky stopped this, with the two men pinning Walker instead against a metal support beam and forcing him to relinquish the shield willingly. When he still refused, they broke his arm and took the shield by force. Walker, determined not to be beaten, attempted to re-engage them, but Bucky picked him up and slammed him against Sam's shield, knocking him unconscious. Sam then brought the shield and his damaged wings to Torres, who exposited that Walker was receiving an other than honorable discharge from the military for his actions and that the government was taking full control of the Flag Smasher situation, which Sam took as a message to back away from the matter. He then took the shield and left the wings behind with Torres, visiting Isaiah Bradley once more.

Bradley was disgusted by Sam's possession of the shield, telling him that no self-respecting black man would ever want to be the star-spangled symbol of the country that had oppressed him for so long. Bradley recounted his experience as a super-soldier, having been on many missions for the military. However, when multiple comrades of his were captured, the military planned to bomb the POW camp to erase the evidence of their new serum. Bradley raced to their rescue and succeeded in freeing them before the camp could be bombed, but they eventually died anyway as a result of the failures of their variants of the serum. Bradley told Sam that he was imprisoned for 30 years after this, being constantly experimented upon to find out why his variant of the serum worked. The military prevented his story from getting out and even made his wife think he was dead, refusing to let him see the letters she sent him. Eventually, a nurse faked his death, allowing him to escape, but by then, his wife had died. Sam apologized to Bradley, and once again promised to honor him, though Bradley bid Sam that he simply leave him dead. Sam departed from here to his family home in Louisiana.[14]

Becoming Captain America

Bucky later visited Sam in Louisiana, delivering to him a package which was a favor by the Wakandans and helping out with Sam's home life for a little while. When Bucky stated his intention to leave and stay in a hotel, Sam offered for him to stay at his family home for some time and help out with the boat, which they were trying to repair to sell off. Bucky agreed and between helping out with the boat, he helped train Sam with the shield. Bucky explained the significance of the shield, both to himself and to everyone around the world, and Sam laid out for Bucky how he could finally find closure after his time as a brainwashed Hydra agent. The two agreed to work together to end the Flag Smasher problem and then parted ways for Sam to continue his training and Bucky to make amends with a man he had hurt during his time as the Winter Soldier. Sam then opened the package brought to him by Bucky and found a new uniform and a set of Vibranium wings.[14]

After finding out that Morgenthau planned to attack the GRC convention in New York City, Sam, having now fully taken up the mantle of Captain America, flew to New York and began to fight back. Bucky and Carter soon arrived as well, as did Walker, who now had a handmade metal shield. Though Walker was beaten quickly, Sam helped to facilitate the evacuation of the GRC building and came face to face with Batroc once again, fighting him to a standstill before chasing the Flag Smashers, who were making their escape. Sam helped to prevent a helicopter containing several GRC politicians from crashing, then helped Walker and Bucky stop a truck full of more GRC politicians from crashing over the side of a ledge, before finally tracking down Morgenthau and Batroc, who had just shot Carter. Sam tried once more to talk Morgenthau down, but this time she refused to listen, seeing his new status as Captain America as a threat to her revolution. She attempted to fight him but was fatally shot by Carter, to Sam's dismay. He flew Morgenthau's body down to emergency medical services and then delivered a rousing speech to the GRC politicians, explaining that he knew what it was like to be oppressed and desperate to bring about change that would put an end to that torture. He told the politicians that their plans to expatriate the displaced peoples would only breed more Morgenthaus, and that her cause was far from unique, insisting that they didn't want to see Flag Smashers 2.0. He successfully convinced the GRC to postpone the vote and find a better option and later succeeded at erecting a statue and full exhibit of Isaiah Bradley and his fellow super-soldiers in the Smithsonian with Captain America's exhibit. Sam then left with Bucky, returning home to spend time with his family for the first time in a while, which Bucky joined him to do.[1]



  • Counselling: Sam Wilson is an experienced counselor for ex-military personnel struggling to cope with the reintegration to civilian life. He can readily apply these skills to others who need his counseling however, even if they have no military experience.
  • Master Combatant: Falcon was trained in numerous forms of combat, specifically aerial and unarmed combat. Wilson's fighting style include a combination of firearm improvisation, flight maneuvers such as swooping and aerial grappling, and modern army combatives. Wilson's modern army combatives derive elements from Muay Thai, American Boxing, and Taekwondo.
  • Master Acrobat: In order to withstand the equilibrium shifting caused by flight, Wilson is an expert acrobat.



  • Captain America's Uniform: Sam was given a new suit and pair of wings modeled after Captain America's color scheme, presumably made of Vibranium, by Bucky Barnes, who had called in a favor from Wakanda.[1]
  • Exo-7 Falcon: As he possesses no powers of his own, Sam Wilson uses the EXO-7 Falcon, a jet pack with collapsible wings attached to it, to simulate superhuman abilities.[3] It has since been upgraded a number of times.
    • Flight: The primary purpose of the EXO-7's wings is to facilitate powered flight. Thrust is provided by three miniaturized jet engines, housed in the backpack. They provide something on the order of 1000 lbs of thrust, which is enough rescue a grown adult from free fall, and ascend, thus countering the rescue's downward momentum.[3]
    • Increased Strength: While the EXO-7 does not provide strength augmentation in the same way as the Iron Man armor, the control grips on the wings allow the wearer to augment punches and other strikes with the powered actuators of the wing. A skilled user can use the wings and engines to increase the momentum behind an attack. These attacks have been known to hit opponents so hard that they thrown backward by several feet, being struck with the force of a moving vehicle. In addition, the user could lift up and carry off others while flying.[10][11]
    • Shield Manifestation: The upgraded EXO-7's wings are composed from a impact-resistant carbon fiber material and later vibranium, making it almost immune to small arms gunfire. By utilizing this and the suit's remote control pad on the left gauntlets, the wings can be programmed to form protective shields of various configurations by positioning the wings in a pre-determined formation. The wings can form a backpack-like formation behind the user, or be clamped onto the user's gauntlets and be used in a manner similar to the way that ballistic shields are used, allowing for Sam to use his weapons while also protecting himself and others from enemy attacks.[8][12][1]
    • Weapon Systems: The first EXO-7 harness includes two collapsible machine pistols that are stored at the traditional holster position at the user's hips.
    • Redwing: A falcon-shaped drone that assists Sam during missions. Redwing is stored in a compartment at the back of the EXO-7 and can be flown remotely via a control panel on the suit's left gauntlet.[2]
  • Magnification Goggles: Sam has a pair of goggles that not only protect his eyes during high speed flight, but also confer high powered magnification, giving him both telescopic and microscopic vision.[6]


Steyr SPP submachine guns which can be attached and detached to and from the wings.

Captain America's Shield[11]



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