Falcon was a member of Colonel Fury's Defenders team stationed at Castle Doom in Latveria when they were invaded by an army of Frost Giants and other creatures who originated from Asgard. He and Shang-Chi provided aerial and ground support to clear a way for the Black Widow to snipe off the creatures with Uru ammunition. Unfortunately both of them became overrun by to many giants, so Widow jumped from the castle window to provide support so they could get back inside the castle.

Falcon was aboard the Quinjet with all the firepower that was loaded up from Doctor Doom's armory, so they could take the final fight to the Midgard Serpent himself, Jormungand. Wilson and the other Defenders knew that they were meant to be a distraction so Natasha could retrieve the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir and use its power as the new goddess of thunder to strike down the serpent, while Falcon and the others sacrificed themselves by torpedoing the jet straight into the serpent's mouth.[1]


Seemingly those of the Samuel Wilson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Samuel Wilson of Earth-616.


Falcon's Wings

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