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Quote1 Captain America is not just for the good days. He can't be. I can't be. If Captain America can't stand for the Dream on the very worst day-- When America is fallen-- Then there is no Captain America. Because our worst day is where we start from. Where we rise from. And if the man in the flag is too special to fall and rise and struggle with the rest... Then God help us all. Quote2
Sam Wilson[src]

Sam Wilson[3] combats violence and inequality in Harlem not only as a prestigious social worker[14] but also as the soaring superhero[15] known as Falcon[3] or Captain America.[16] Having been secretly manipulated by the villainous Red Skull into becoming a partner to Steve Rogers, the original Captain America,[3] Wilson ended up forging a deep friendship with the star-spangled hero[17] as well as a reputation as a renowned hero by himself.[18] Due to having been affected by the Red Skull's Cosmic Cube,[19] Wilson has been granted the ability to psychically connect with avian forms with life,[20] in special, his pet bird Redwing.[21]

Constantly having different ideologies and interpretations on various matters, Rogers and Wilson have evolved together by sharing their perspectives.[22][15][23][24] Wilson has served alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers,[25] and, in different moments, assumed the role of leader of the group as a replacement for Steve Rogers.[26][27]

Permanently adopting the mantle of Captain America, Sam Wilson has become a symbol for an alternative representation of the country.[16][2] However, he faced several challenges in this role.[28] As Captain America, he was pivotal in combating the empire of Hydra, managing to bring its fall.[29] More recently, Captain America expanded his actions to help the entire world. This made him clash with the vicious White Wolf who thirsted for power.[30]


The Falcon[]

Samuel Wilson (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 186 01

Sam's past

Sam Wilson grew up in a violent Harlem neighborhood.[31] His father Paul was a minister who tried his best to maintain peace in his community. Unfortunately, he was killed while trying to stop a fight between two rival gangs. At the time, Sam was nine years old and witnessed his father's brutal murder. To keep up with his father's ideals, Sam acted in the church to guide other youngsters. However, tragedy afflicted their family when, some years later, his mother Darlene was murdered by a mugger while she tried to protect her children,[32] leaving Sam in charge of taking care of his younger siblings Sarah and Gideon. The young Sam Wilson did his best for those around him, volunteering in the shelter his family resided.[33] To put himself through college, he earned money by driving a rig.[34] In his adulthood, Wilson established a career as a social worker, operating from an office of his own[14] and becoming one of the most respected professionals in Harlem.[35] Moreover, ever since he was a child, Sam Wilson also demonstrated a natural affinity with birds. He built a pigeon coop on the rooftop of his house to nurture his hobby and eventually started to practice falconry. At some point, Wilson found and bought the falcon Redwing during a vacation in Rio to train as a pet, quickly developing a deep bond with the bird.[3]

Samuel Wilson (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 200 0001

The Falcon

Having answered a call for a hunting falcon in the Caribbean island of the Exiles, Wilson came into contact with the former henchmen for the Red Skull. He soon realized the ill-intended activities of the Exiles against the native people of the island and chose to rebel against them. He survived on the island for some time, resisting the villains with Redwing's assistance, until running across Captain America, who had been teleported by the Red Skull to the island to be tormented. Together, they planned for a rebellion against the Exiles. Captain America convinced Wilson to adopt a symbolic identity to inspire the revolution and, as such, the Falcon was born.[3] Wilson was trained in martial arts by Captain America and became a fine fighter with Redwing by his side. Ready to fight alongside the local community, Captain America and the Falcon triumphed over the Exiles.[31] In retaliation, the Red Skull counterattacked the duo, wielding the reality-shaping Cosmic Cube and transporting them to his macabre castle in Berchtesgaden. Although initially tortured by the omnipotent Red Skull, the heroes prevailed. Thanks to luck, the Cube was rendered inert by its creator, M.O.D.O.K., which led to the Red Skull's defeat.[36] In his contact with the Cosmic Cube, the Falcon was mentally bonded with Redwing.[19][37]

The Falcon parted ways with Captain America to start his own operations in Harlem.[38] He got in confrontation against the criminal gang known as the Diamond Heads. When one criminal was found murdered, Falcon was framed for the crime. Captain America learned his ally was wanted by the police and came for his rescue. The Falcon had been cornered inside a building, and Captain America was able to find him thanks to Redwing. Dressed as Captain America, Sam Wilson was able to evade his chasers. Together, Captain America and the Falcon tackled the Diamond Heads and learned that their leader was a member of Maggia, Rocky the Lynx, who wished to destabilize Harlem. With the mystery solved, Falcon had his name cleared and resumed his activities.[39]

Captain America's Partner[]

Once again, Captain America reached out to the Falcon, revealing his true identity as Steve Rogers in response to trusting his honored heart. This marked the beginning of their strong friendship. This coincided when M.O.D.O.K.'s A.I.M. hunted Captain America down. The artificial creature Bulldozer attacked the duo at Wilson's house, leading them to M.O.D.O.K., who was defeated. This adventure was the first of many in their long-standing partnership.[17] Captain America and the Falcon confronted crime effectively, facing threats from ordinary lawbreakers to super-villains.[15][13]

Soon, the Falcon was introduced to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., consolidating his place in the super-hero community.[40] From a S.H.I.E.L.D. base, Captain America was trapped by the insane and monstrous Dr. Gorbo in the Mole Man's subterranean realm. With Tony Stark's assistance, the Falcon wielded a jetpack to fly to his partner's rescue.[41] The Falcon also met Captain America's allies in the Avengers. After a close friend of his from New Orleans went missing, the group assisted him in the investigation, which led to a confrontation against the vile Psyklop.[42]

Wilson's nephew, his sister's son Jody Casper became involved with illegal activities commanded by Stone-Face. Through Casper, Captain America and the Falcon were able to find and arrest the the crime-lord. This incident solidified the Falcon's wish to keep helping vulnerable people both as a super-hero and as a social worker.[14] In order to prove his abilities, the Falcon pursued the vigilante Spider-Man. He mistakenly took Spider-Man's roommate Harry Osborn under arrest, prompting a confrontation against Spider-Man.[43] A recently freed Stone-Face took advantage of the commotion to carry out a revenge plan and capture the Falcon. Ironically, he was rescued by Spider-Man. After sorting out misunderstandings, Falcon joined Spider-Man and Captain America to, once again, defeat Stone-Face.[35] Soon after, the Falcon temporarily succumbed to the Grey Gargoyle's control, but was able to resist the mind control with Captain America's help,[44]

One day at his office, Sam Wilson was approached by the eccentric and charming Leila Taylor, who reprimanded him by arguing the community needed heroes, not social workers.[45] Taylor invited Wilson to a meeting of the People's Militia, an organization that fought for black rights. However, Wilson soon realized their leaderships incited violent extremism and hate. The group explicitly targeted Reverend Garcia, an ally of Wilson. He opposed to their plan, but was subdued. Taylor convinced the Militia to release Wilson, which led to Captain America to be involved in the crisis and rescue Garcia. After recovering, the Falcon joined the fight, which escalated into a riot in Harlem. With temperance, Captain America and the Falcon were able to unmask the Militia's leader as the Red Skull. The villain escaped, but the revelation made the People's Militia reconsider their actions and keep their fight without violence. Leila Taylor reached out to Wilson again, and they shared a passionate moment.[46]

The Falcon became a symbol of freedom and justice in Harlem just when race relations were at low in the city. Terrorist employed force for political reasons, prompting Captain America and the Falcon to intervene in riots. The racist organization known as the Sons of the Serpent took advantage of the instability to push their agenda in the media, arguing they were ideologically aligned with Captain America as the Sons of the Shield. Being armed with technology designed by the Wizard, a Sons of the Shield's mole named Ajanii Jackson staged a fire in a church to persuade the local black community to counterattack them. Captain America and the Falcon could not prevent the retaliation, which led the Sons of the Shield to be seen as the victims. Amidst the conflict, Captain America was disintegrated by one of the Wizard's weapons. The leader of the Sons of the Shield, John Mason, took advantage of his death to portray Captain America as a martyr and black Americans as a threat. To prevent the Captain America's legacy from being poisoned, Sam Wilson took up the mantle and shield of Captain America.[47] The all-new Captain America harshly opposed to white supremacy culture in Harlem. He exposed Jackson's actions to the people of Harlem and tracked him to reach the Sons of the Shield. In a gesture of racism, Jackson was murdered by his own ally Mason. Captain America was then forced to face a much alive Steve Rogers, who had been brainwashed by the Sons of the Shield into serving them as their champion. Wilson was able to destroy the mechanism that enslaved Rogers. However, in a desperate attempt, Mason unleashed his bioethnic chemicals wishing to murder all black people in the area. Ironically, all Sons of the Serpent succumbed to the effects of the deadly component. Sam Wilson was bravely able to control the menace. After saving Harlem, Sam Wilson returned to his iconic identity of the Falcon.[48]

Lone Bird[]

Following the riots in Harlem, Sam Wilson found himself questioning his identity and recent action. For that reason, the Falcon decided to dissolute his partnership with Captain America and act solo. They parted ways amicably.[22] Soon after their split, Captain America got involved in an affair against the terrorist organization Hydra. The Falcon was contacted by Fury for help. In his mission, the Falcon was informed that Wilson Fisk was behind Hydra's activities. This brought him to join Captain America against Fisk.[49] However, the true mastermind behind the problem was revealed to be the Red Skull. The Falcon contacted Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. to help Captain America stop his archnemesis. In the end, thanks to the Falcon, Captain America's life was saved. After this adventure, the Falcon resumed his activities in Harlem.[50]

Youngsters started to go missing in Harlem, prompting Wilson to intervene. Taylor demonstrated disappointment as Wilson's first decision was to look for help from officers. Instead, he tracked the kidnappings by himself, coming to Batroc the Leaper.[51] In fact, Batroc collected the children for the mysterious alien Jakar, who was ultimately defeated with the help of Captain America and, surprisingly, Batroc.[52] The hostages were returned with safety back to their homes. Still, the Falcon kept facing rejection from some locals who accused him of betraying his race. The most vocal of these was Rafe Michel from the People's Militia.[53] Simultaneously, in his adventures, the Falcon identified Harlem's main crime-lord, Boss Morgan, and interrupted his operations related to the super-villains Mister Hyde and Scorpion. To destroy the villains, the Falcon decided to momentarily rekindle his partnership with Captain America.[54]

In horror, the Falcon learned that Captain America had been molesting vulnerable black people in Harlem.[55] He was defeated and abducted by Captain America and his partner Bucky. Taylor and Michel, mobilized by other residents of Harlem, chose to save the Falcon. Captain America was proved to be an impostor and managed to escape the crowd. In his investigation, the Falcon was once again led to Boss Morgan, starting an uneasy alliance between them. He decided to contact the Avengers to help protect the real Captain America,[56] which culminated with the villain's defeat.[57] Through Morgan, the Falcon learned Captain America was involved in a deadly confront with the lethal Viper.[58] When the Falcon asked for additional information about the Viper, Morgan proposed him a position in his criminal organization, which the Falcon vehemently refused. Being able to locate the Viper by himself, the Falcon brutally beat him.[59] Alongside with Captain America, the Falcon learned that Viper and several other super-villains worked under orders of the mysterious Cowled Commander, who was revealed to be sergeant Muldoon.[60]

The relationship between the Falcon and Captain America was further damaged as Wilson felt diminished in action by Rogers.[61] At the same time, Rafe Michel and his gang, the Silver Skulls, attacked the Falcon out of being jealous of his relationship with Leila Taylor. The Falcon defeated the gang by himself, being observed by Captain America. They had this opportunity to sort out their differences[62] although the Falcon maintained his wishes of focusing on an independent career.[63] Still, he asked for Captain America's help when an old friend of his, the convict Mel Lansing, contacted him about dangerous activities taking place at the Grimrock Prison. There, the scientist Deadly Nightshade transformed convicts into obedient werewolf-like creatures. As the duo of heroes invaded the prison, the Falcon was transformed into a werewolf tasked to finish Captain America. S.H.I.E.L.D. intervened and Nightshade mentally collapsed with her minions. Falcon was saved from death by Captain America and, as sunlight reverted Nightshade's procedure, he was cured by dawn.[64]

In addition to his adventures in Harlem, the Falcon was unable to keep Steve Rogers away from his life. Eventually, after Rogers lost his stability in life, Wilson offered him his office as a place to live.[65] Meanwhile, Morgan kept pressuring the Falcon in seek of a formal alliance.[66] Following multiple rejections, the Falcon was attacked by Morgan's operatives. The confrontation made Falcon come to the conclusion he needed to enhance his abilities to keep up with his life of vigilantism. To accomplish that, he contacted the Black Panther for help.[67] In the wonder-nation of Wakanda, Black Panther engineered a pair of mini-jet-tipped glider wings that allowed the Falcon to soar the skies. Unfortunately, during this travel, Taylor was kidnapped in Nigeria by Stone-Face.[15] With his new flight abilities, the Falcon was able to rescue his lover. Back to Harlem, the all-new Falcon was ready to combat crime from the heights.[68]


Disappointed with the corruption within the American government and criminal underworld,[69] Steve Rogers abandoned his Captain America mantle.[70] The Falcon kept operating by himself. He came into conflict with the evil entity Lucifer, who possessed Rafe Michel and Aries. Boss Morgan approached Lucifer to finish the Falcon.[71] However, Lucifer perished in battle after Rogers intervened.[72] In retaliation, the Falcon confronted Boss Morgan to stop the hostilities.[73] With Captain America gone, a young man named Roscoe was inspired to take up the identity of the star-spangled hero and came into contact with the Falcon,[74] who ultimately decided to supervise his activities.[75] Tragically, the new Captain America soon crossed paths with the deadly Red Skull, who kidnapped him and the Falcon. Rogers came to their rescue, only to find Roscoe had been murdered and the Falcon severely brutalized. The incident prompted Rogers to reassume the identity of Captain America.[76]

The debilitated Sam Wilson, being nursed back to health by Taylor, revealed to her his secret identity as the Falcon. In order to put an end to the Red Skull's threat, the Falcon fully resumed his partnership with Captain America.[77] However, in an unexpected turn of events, the Red Skull was able to mentally control the Falcon.[78] The villain further revealed that he had forged Wilson's first encounter with Captain America. Moreover, the Falcon had a secret past as the mobster nicknamed "Snap" and, using the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull had fabricated an alternative personality for him to act as mole.[13] In actuality, the "Snap" persona had entirely been a construction of the Red Skull to discredit Wilson via racism, and he had never been a criminal at all.[33] The Red Skull attempted to use the Falcon to kill Captain America, but failed and retreated. However, Sam Wilson was left in catatonic state.[13]

After waking up,[79] the disturbed Falcon was placed under therapy by S.H.I.E.L.D., but his treatment was manipulated by Nightshade who tried to seize control of S.H.I.E.L.D.[80] Nightshade was fended off. In the aftermath, Sam Wilson decided to face trial for his history as Snap, which arguably involved the illegal sales of narcotics in Los Angeles.[81] A national-wide commotion surrounded the trial, which included Stilt-Man invading the event. In the end, Nick Fury intervened, leading the courts to suspend any sentence based on what was believed to be Wilson's past.[82]

Leila Taylor was kidnapped by the eccentric cult known as the Night People due to her connection to the Falcon. When coming to her rescue, the Falcon was also kidnapped to an alternate dimension in Zero Street.[83] The couple was brainwashed into joining the Night People.[84] Captain America came to their rescue alongside the magnate Texas Jack, only to find a mindwiped Falcon in service of the Night People, who were tricked into returning to Earth.[85] The leaders of the Night People were subdued,[86] and the Falcon was hospitalized in a mental institution. In his vulnerable state, the Falcon was convinced by the local psychiatrist to combat the futuristic creature Agron, which terrorized the clinic.[87] The fight returned Sam Wilson to his senses and, teaming up with Captain America, he was able to defeat the monster.[88] Back home, Wilson reunited with Taylor.[89] Around this period, the wannabe archer Arrow Ace (or Arrowsmith) kidnapped Redwing to lure Falcon into a glorious defeat. However, the Falcon easily defeated him.[90]

Avenging Angel[]

At some point, Nick Fury contacted Captain America and the Falcon about his intention of creating one super-hero group that directly answered to S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America was invited to be the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents, but he refused, indicating the Falcon instead due to his competence.[91] Focused on training with his new team, the Falcon ceased his activities as Captain America's partner.[92] However, S.H.I.E.L.D. was secretly infiltrated by the Corporation, which corrupted their super-hero initiative. The agents Vamp and Blue Streak were traitors and kept the Falcon locked in Alcatraz.[93] One of the leaders of the Corporation, Curtiss Jackson, not only had the Falcon captive, but also his nephew Jim, who was a partner of Dr. Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk's alter-ego. Jackson planned to assassinate Sam and Jim Wilson for their knowledge about the Corporation's plans. However, a rival leader of the criminal organization was the man named Kligger, who intervened and sparked a war.[94] Captain America and the Hulk fought the Corporation leaders for the safety of their partners.[95] In the end, they were saved. The Falcon decided to permanently interrupt his adventures with Captain America after this incident.[96]

Under the National Security Council's orders, Agent Henry P. Gyrich restricted the active membership of the Avengers, tightening admission requirements and forcing the Falcon into the team's new roster in accordance with government standards of equal-opportunity employment.[97] Although Wilson did not show interest, Captain America asked him to accept in order to maintain the Avengers' priority privileges.[98] Upon joining the group, the Falcon was immediately involved in a conflict against the Absorbing Man.[99] Soon, he felt neglected by the team's decisions.[100] In between his missions as an Avenger, the Falcon was invited by the Bodavian Embassy to meet the influential Roskoff, who had been receiving death threats. During a party, the political terrorist Silencer was able to murder Roskoff, who left a cryptic message in a letter. For days, the Falcon attempted to solve the mystery behind the murder, until finally discovering who was the true killer and the motivation behind the incident.[101] Back to the Avengers, the Falcon tried to feel comfortable within the team, but was met with hostility from former member Hawkeye, who had his position redistributed to the Falcon.[102] After Gyrich stopped having influence over the team,[103] the Falcon took the decision to resign from the Avengers.[104]

The local schoolboard recommended Sam Wilson to run for the congress. This coincided with him questioning his faith in the good work of superheroics after his nephew Jim was shot during a robbery. When patrolling, the Falcon saved the problematic boy Raymond Curtis from thugs. While the Falcon conversed with Raymond's mother, he realized that Jim had been shot by a drug-driven Raymond. In anger, Sam Wilson had his spirit further broken as he could see that his neighborhood succumbed to crime due to its harsh conditions. This prompted him to try to make a difference as a politician.[105] In his campaign, Wilson was managed by Carol Davis. The media soon revived his criminal charges related to his Snap identity,[106] which caused Sam Wilson to suffer a mental breakdown.[107] Reverend Garcia appeared to him to offer guidance[32] and Sam Wilson was finally at peace with his story and publicly revealed his identity.[108] However, to do right for the people he wished to represent, Sam Wilson made the difficult decision of retiring from his career as the high-flying Falcon.[109] Despite his best efforts in a journey of self-discovery, Sam Wilson lost the election.[110]

The Falcon soon took up the skies of Harlem again, as the community still needed its guardian angel. In his both identities, he worked close with the unconventional sergeant named Tork. Focusing on helping lost kids such as Miguel Martínez, Sam Wilson dove deep into the troubles of Harlem. One of his adversaries was Daryl Kane, who exploited the region by erecting unreliable buildings for profit. The cybernetic villain Nemesis terrorized the building sites, prompting the Falcon to intervene. After defeating Nemesis, the Falcon learned he was in fact Kane, who sabotaged his own business to earn from insurance. Kane was arrested and the Falcon celebrated that, gradually, he could make a difference.[18] Another one of his accomplishments was reforming the former criminals of the Legion gang. To protect them, the Falcon promised to accompany them in a public parade. However, the Falcon was surprised by a malfunctioning mutant-hunting Sentinel. His absence led to the death of one of the members of the Legion at the hands of the police. Although he could evade the Sentinel thanks to Redwing, the Falcon could not prevent the Harlem from succumbing to a war between the gangs and the police. In disappointment, the leader of the Legion Xeon decided to go back to crime.[111] In his attempt to solve the crisis with the Legion, who managed to kidnap the president, the Falcon crossed paths with the activities of the super villain Electro.[112] The Falcon ultimately defeated Electro and was able to convince the Legion Gang to peacefully release the president and share their difficulties with him.[113]

The Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, crossed paths with the Falcon in Harlem when the super-powered child Bobby Wright was inspected by Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S., S.H.I.E.L.D.'s replacement for the Falcon's former operation. The Falcon's connection to S.H.I.E.L.D. allowed the heroes to keep close contact with the boy,[114] where they teamed up to protect him from the vile Bres.[115] However, Bright left in distress, being hunted by S.H.I.E.L.D. The Falcon approached Cage and Iron Fist for help in locating him.[116] Eventually, Bright was hospitalized. During this difficult moment, Captain America and the Falcon shared with Cage the importance of an alliance such as theirs. In the end, Bright accidentally killed Iron Fist.[117] In fact, Bright was the alien Super Skrull in deep disguise.[118] Harlem was overtaken by religious intolerance. The Falcon attempted to improve the situation and found that the bizarre Scatterbrain was behind the manipulation. After defeating the mad villain, the Falcon learned he worked for Victor Meachum, who tried to profit by corrupting the church Sam Wilson's grandfather had built and his father was minister of. However, the Falcon directly opposed his plans.[119]

Having abandoned the Captain America mantle in order to refuse to comply to the Commission on Superhuman Activities, Steve Rogers disappeared. His ally Demolition Man convoked his close friends to look for him, including the Falcon.[120] They found Rogers' battle van in a wreckage and soon met him. Rogers decided to return to activity as the Captain. Together, the Captain and his allies confronted the terrorist Serpent Squad in Las Vegas.[121] Unfortunately, the heroes were temporarily arrested by the police due to their interference.[122] After being released, they travelled across the country, clashing with the Horseman of Apocalypse Famine[123], confronting super powered fugitive criminals who had escaped the Vault,[124] and, in an ironic turn of events, helping the Serpent Squad oppose the Viper.[125] The Viper subsequently managed to terrorize the White House.[126] After she had been dealt with, the Falcon announced he need to return to his affairs to Harlem.[127]

The Captain found the Avengers to have disbanded amidst a crisis informed by Jocasta involving a genetic bomb created by the High Evolutionary. The Captain, alongside the Falcon, assembled a team of inactive Avengers to keep Earth's Mightiest Heroes alive. This team raided an underwater base to secure Jocasta and stop the High Evolutionary's plan. The mad scientist attacked the Avengers, though in the end they thrived against him by detonating his base.[128] Soon after, as the acting chairman of the Avengers, Captain America reassembled all known members and associates to the rebuilt the Avengers Mansion, claiming that all heroes might consider themselves on reserve and ready for service, including the Falcon.[129] As an Avenger, the Falcon helped the team combat the government-sponsored Freedom Force,[130] something they learned to be a consequence of Loki's machinations.[131] Eventually, without national clearance, the Avengers negotiated with Devi Bannerjee from the United Nations, earning global jurisdiction and a squad of reserve members, which the Falcon was part of.[132]


At his office, Sam Wilson was attacked by the Serpent Society, who wished to acquire his flight suit. By chance, he found support in the wannabe hero Battle Star, who had been searching for him, and was able to fend off his enemies.[4] Resuming his patrols in Harlem, the Falcon came across Donnie Remming had joined the gang known as the Pirates. His parents, Hal and Vicki, who were acquaintances of Wilson, were informed of his situation. In disappointment, Wilson learned that they were involved with substance abuse. The revelation led the family to reconnect and seek help.[133] The Falcon kept helping Harlem, during which former employees of Stane International who became the Iron Trinity attempted a heist. The racist criminals believed Harlem to be a neglected region, but in the Falcon they met their defeat. Victory came with a tragic cost: although the Falcon ruined their attempt to detonate a bomb, a young man from Harlem heroically sacrificed himself to help during the confrontation.[134]

Police brutality escalated against racial minorities in New York City. The controversial beating of the teenager Carmello Martínez split public opinion. The Avenger-in-training Rage publicly declared how the issue should be addressed and racism should be combated. He also took matters to the Avengers, who he accused of not taking care of local problems. Captain America and the Falcon discussed with him about how matters were not that simple. Meanwhile, the racist Sons of the Serpent took advantage of the instability to consolidate their influence. The New Warriors directly fought the group, sparking a riot. The Falcon and the Avengers intervened to pacify the situation,[135] causing an ideological debate with the New Warriors. When dismantling the Sons of the Serpent, the Avengers learned that the Hate-Monger psychically manipulated the events to generate hate. The villain was defeated by the cojoined efforts of the Avengers and the New Warriors.[136]

Having a contact named Desmond Burrell in Stark Industries, the Falcon had his suit improved. The advances included attachable jetwings with faster flight capacities, enhanced transceivers for commands, a variety of imaging system for his scope lenses, and a retractable talon. Sam Wilson tested his new abilities while he maintained helping people as a social worker. The problematic Tyrone McQuaid searched for him. Having attended Taskmaster's academy for super criminals, McQuaid ultimately decided to leave, but was afraid of being hunted down by his former teacher. The hero easily defeated the goons who targeted McQuaid, but their boss Taskmaster proved to be a difficult fight. Due to an ungrateful McQuaid's unpredicted intervention, the Taskmaster was able to flee.[137]

After Captain America took a leave from the Avengers to look for missing allies of his, the Falcon offered to resume their old partnership to help his friend.[138] Their first mission was retrieving Diamondback. In the Rocky Mountains, they found her as a hostage of the Red Skull, being guarded by his Skeleton Crew.[139] The villains were difficultly defeated, which led to Diamondback's rescue.[140] Captain America, the Falcon, and Diamondback operated together as crimefighters. To dismantle an arms-dealing operation carried out by A.I.M. in Boca Caliente, they disguised themselves as members of the Skeleton Crew, with Falcon impersonating Jack O'Lantern. Amidst dozens of super villains,[5] their ruse was eventually exposed. The Falcon took the opportunity to investigate, but was mistaken for a villain by Shang-Chi.[141] Choosing to escape the martial artist, the Falcon joined Captain America to help him run away from a legion of super villains. The heroes ruined the criminals' plans.[142] A massive riot ensued, but the heroes prevailed after being rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D.[143]

On their way home, they were contacted by the Black Panther, who asked for help in investigating an illegal supply of Wakanda's precious metal Vibranium being introduced into the market.[143] In the Savage Land, they found A.I.M. behind the Vibranium crisis. The Falcon stumbled upon their High Technician, who had the enchantress Lorelei subdue him.[144] Under the High Technician's apparent control, the Falcon was ordered to kidnap his allies to convert them as well and preserve A.I.M.'s activities. However, the special lenses in his costume protected him from Lorelei. He pretended to have joined the High Technician only to have Captain America and Diamondback ready to strike. When fighting the villain's Saur-Lords, the heroes witnessed the arrival of the gargantuan creature Terminus,[145] which had been acquired by A.I.M.. The Falcon lent his wings to allow Captain America deal with the situation, leading to the ultimate deactivation of Terminus and the illegal mining of Vibranium.[146] Following this adventure, the Falcon returned to his affairs.[147]

Back to his community, Sam Wilson had been using his abilities as the Falcon for weeks to solve cases related to child abuse as well as several arson incidents. While investigating probable violence committed against Janet Sorenson, he learned her father to be the pyrokinetic super villain Equinox. In fact, following a fight, the Falcon realized that Janet had been the cause of the arsons. In court, Sam Wilson was able to help their family.[148]

Anti-Captain America[]

Sam Wilson became one of the urban planners of New York City.[25] His permanent connection to Redwing evolved to the point of him being able to link to any avian form of life.[20] As the Falcon, he reunited himself with the Avengers when an engineer who worked with him was assaulted by her partner, the terrifying Dr. Calvin Zabo, or Mister Hyde. After the villain was restrained, the Falcon became a member of the team as the menace Scorpio sequestered several capital cities all over the globe. With so many leaderships succumbing, the Avengers were promoted by the United Stations as a replacement. Unfortunately, Gyrich came back to the team to serve as a liaison to the government once again.[25] The Falcon and Redwing assessed the extradimensional crisis created by Scorpio, who held the Zodiac Key.[149] The Avengers attempted to recover the In-Betweener to defeat Scorpio and restore balance.[150] Thanks to the Falcon and Redwing, Scorpio lost grasp of the Zodiac Key, which eventually culminated with his defeat.[37]

Back to the Avengers Mansion, Captain America asked the Falcon to watch Gyrich's activities. Through Redwing, he was able to spy on Gyrich's forced association with the United States' Secretary of Defense, Dell Rusk, who wished to get privileged information on the Avengers and their secrets.[151] This was followed by hostile interactions between the Falcon and Gyrich. In between their interactions, the Falcon fought the macabre Scarecrow, who kidnapped Gyrich's neighbor's children. Ultimately, the Falcon found an ally in Gyrich, who helped the Avengers spy on Rusk, feeding him false information while gathering evidence to expose him.[20][152] As a disastrous biological attack was launched on the United States, the Avengers intervened.[153] They learned the attacked was schemed from inside the government.[154] The Falcon kept surveying Gyrich's interactions with Rusk[155] as they realized he could be involved with the disaster. However, before they could take action, Rusk was revealed to be the Red Skull, who wished to use the ensuing panic to gain control over America's government and start a war with other countries. The villain wounded and incapacitated the Falcon and Gyrich.[156] The Avengers counterattacked as the hostages were tortured.[157] The Falcon was instrumental in defeating the Red Skull by summoning a flock of birds to help the Black Panther destroy him, which led to the deactivation of the biological weapon.[152]

In Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Falcon invaded a marine base under S.H.I.E.L.D. orders to liberate Leila Taylor, who had been detained after finding secret intelligence about drug-dealing activities carried out by the Rivas cartel linked to Harlem. In fact, a global-level bio-weapon was being developed in Cuba. Steve Rogers was ordered by S.H.I.E.L.D. to retrieve the Falcon. Worried about his friend's activities, he went for journalist Robbie Robertson for information since Taylor worked with him. However, before departing to Cuba, Captain America was not granted permission to go on with the mission. Instead, an impostor met the Falcon while he confronted Manuel Rivas.[158] The impostor assassinated the drug dealers and kidnapped the Falcon and Taylor. They managed to escape before learning how the American government was involved with Rivas, but were lost at high sea.[159] Able to arrive in Miami at the cost of the Falcon's wings, they were attacked by the impostor again, who brutalized the Falcon.[160] The real Captain America and Agent Morales, after investigating the situation in Cuba and being guided by Redwing, arrived on the scene to rescue the Falcon and Taylor. The impostor was defeated after it was revealed he was rogue product of the Office of Naval Intelligence, the American link to Rivas. The Avengers secured the sample of the weapon[161] and learned it was a DNA sample of M.O.D.O.K.[162]

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Hard-light wings

Captain America and the Falcon kept investigating the situation in New York City to learn about the details of the weapon developed in Cuba. They contacted Luke Cage, who had undergone the same process that empowered the Captain America impostor, or the "Super-Sailor". The Super-Sailor was kept captive by Omoro in the Wakandan Embassy. As Captain America refused to delivered the Super-Sailor to the Office of Naval Intelligence, its commandant Jimmy Westbrook placed the Falcon under arrest. As a response, the Falcon attacked him.[163] The Avengers intervened and stopped the fight. As Captain America and the Falcon departed, Omoro gifted the Falcon with new flying wings, designed by the Black Panther as hard-light holographic devices.[164] The Falcon contacted Taylor to have Westbrook's activities in Cuba exposed, while fearing Damocles Rivas, the new leader of the Cartel, could harm them.[165] Together, Captain America and the Falcon worked to dismantle Rivas all over the globe. Amidst their operations, they suffered from mental turmoil, with the Falcon demonstrating aggressive attitude, which included scaring Robertson. Their erratic behavior could be explained as an influence of M.O.D.O.K., who was under Damocles Rivas' control.[162] In fact, the disturbance had been caused by the Avenger Scarlet Witch, who betrayed and destroyed the Avengers from within.[166]

Ultimately, the Falcon went to the run to clear the situation. He kidnapped the Super-Sailor for his goal of intercepting Westbrook, directly targeted Damocles Rivas,[167] and blackmailed a senator involved with the Rivas Cartel. The Falcon's controversial methods culminated into Westbrook being defeated by the Super-Sailor, but Damocles Rivas was possessed by M.O.D.O.K. through the bio-weapon that had been designed.[168] The Falcon was mentally tormented by Rivas. Eventually, Captain America and Agent Morales intervened in the situation.[169] Together, the Falcon and Morales attempted to deactivate M.O.D.O.K., during which they shared an intimate moment. In the end, as Captain America resisted M.O.D.O.K., the Falcon and Morales were able to put him into stasis.[170] In the aftermath, Steve Rogers approached Sam Wilson to discuss his violent positions. The conversation was interrupted by Leila Taylor's jealous boyfriend, who shot at Wilson but lethally wounded Rogers instead.[171] The Falcon vanished after the incident. While searching for his partner, Captain America got into conflict with the "Super-Sailor", or the Anti-Cap, who was still free and ultimately committed suicide after claiming the Falcon was dead. However, through Redwing, Captain America was able to confirm Sam Wilson was alive, but had abandoned his identity as the super hero Falcon.[23]

Death of Captain America[]

The Falcon returned when Nick Fury requested him to provide support to Captain America, who was facing complex difficulties concerning the murder of the Red Skull and return of his first partner Bucky as the assassin Winter Soldier.[172] Tracking down the Red Skull's A.I.D., Captain America and the Falcon found ways to pinpoint a rebuilt Cosmic Cube in Kronas Corporation, which was in the possession of Bucky's master, Aleksander Lukin.[173] They met immediate resistance in the Winter Soldier. Fortunately, they had backup with Sharon Carter and S.H.I.E.L.D., which allowed Captain America to use the Cosmic Cube to deprogram Bucky, who vanished.[174]

This was followed by a deep schism in the super hero community as a Superhuman Registration Act was proposed following a tragedy in Stamford, with Captain America vehemently opposing to the implementation of the new law and Iron Man enforcing it.[175] As a superhuman Civil War ensued, the Falcon was the first hero to join Captain America,[176] playing a role forming and leading the secret team of outlaw Avengers who resisted Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Superhuman Restrain Unit.[177] However, tragedy met the resistance in the war, especially after the death of Goliath.[178] In a final confrontation in Prison 42, Captain America surrendered himself to stop the destruction caused by heroes fighting each other.[179] The resistance was defeated, registration became mandatory, and the Falcon enlisted to be able to operate, although he kept in contact with the outlaw Avengers led by Luke Cage.[180] During his public arrest, Captain America was tragically murdered as a result of the machinations of the Red Skull. In the commotion, the Falcon was able to locate Bucky, who was working in coalition with Fury. Together, they attempted to find one of the shooters, Crossbones. The Falcon then covered Bucky's escape.[181]

In Captain America's funeral, the Falcon made a speech about his partner's inspirational relevance to the super hero community.[182] Later on, Sam Wilson met other partners of Captain America, Sharon Carter, Rick Jones, and, most importantly, Bucky, who soon went missing.[180] Fury assigned the Falcon and Carter to keep track of Bucky, who had managed to secure Captain America's Shield.[183] In order to find Bucky, the Falcon and Carter targeted the Red Skull.[184] When attacking A.I.D., the Falcon was burned and lost his costume.[185] After recovering and readapting his old costume, he found assistance in his mission with the Avenger Black Widow. Together, they learned from Iron Man that Carter was being psychically manipulated by Doctor Faustus and fired the shot that killed Steve Rogers.[186] The Falcon and the Black Widow were incapacitated by Carter.[187] Through Redwing, they were able to track Carter down, but could not prevent her to be taken by Faustus. Still, Bucky was found as a prisoner and rescued by the Falcon.[188]

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Working with the new Captain America

The Falcon's main mission became finding and saving Sharon Carter,[189] while buck took up the mantle of Captain America with Iron Man's support.[190] In Faustus' trail,[191] the Falcon demonstrated frustration with Iron Man because of Bucky stepping in as the new Captain America without his knowledge. Iron Man suggested the Falcon to assist the new Captain America in his activities. As such, the Falcon contacted Bucky for a team-up to save Carter.[192] In their investigation, they clashed with Arnim Zola[193] and prepared to strike against the Red Skull.[194] Following the Grand Director, who impersonated Rogers to promote the Red Skull's presidential puppet candidate,[195] Captain America and the Falcon crossed paths with the Black Widow.[196] Alongside the Black Widow, the Falcon finally reunited with Carter.[197] The Falcon helped Carter recover from the tragic experience she had suffered with Faustus and the Red Skull.[198]

The recovered Sharon Carter believed she could restore Steve Rogers back to life[199] since the Red Skull planned to accomplish that using technology based on Time Platform. The Falcon and Carter approached Hank Pym and his Avengers to analyze the situation.[200] The Falcon and the Vision attempted to secure the technology.[201] In between this objective, he also rescued Bucky from Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts.[202] However, the Red Skull not only managed to return Steve Rogers using the Time Platform, but also possess his body.[203] As the Red Skull launched an attack in Washington, D.C.,[204] the Falcon personally tackled Crossbones. However, the real Steve Rogers assumed control of his own body, being fully revived.[205]

The Grand Director was still a problem to be dealt with. Having formed a group of Watchdogs and moving around the country, ideologically inciting anti-government revolts as Steve Rogers, he became the direct interest of Fury, who deployed the Falcon and Bucky to tackle him. By pretending to attack the Falcon, Bucky was able to infiltrate the movements created by the Watchdogs.[206] However, they were recognized and captured by the Grand Director.[207] The Watchdogs dismantled the Falcon's flight technology to weaponize its Vibranium into explosives. Redwing was able to free the Falcon from a train wagon where he was kept. Being able to make his way through the Watchdogs, the Falcon met the machinist Dave Price, who informed him the train was loaded with bombs aimed at detonating in a corporate conference in Las Vegas.[208] The Falcon immediately realized that such attempt was merely a distraction, as the real target was the Hoover Dam. Having stolen the Watchdogs' helicopter and derailed the train, the Falcon escaped with Price. At the top of the Hoover Dam, the Falcon found Bucky fighting the Grand Director. His arrival allowed Bucky to execute the insane doppelgänger. With his death, Captain America and the Falcon discussed how tragical the mantle of the star-spangled hero could be.[209]

Without his light-based technology, the Falcon adopted Vibranium wings and stayed acting as a partner and a mentor to Bucky in his adventures as Captain America. However, he noticed that the new Captain America was acting too violent in light of the recent events and discussed the situation with Rogers. However, before they could solve matters, Captain America and the Falcon were attacked by Baron Zemo, with the Falcon being severely injured[210] and hospitalized.[211] Zemo publicly exposed Bucky's history to the media to discredit him. Partially recovered, the Falcon decided to intervene to prevent Bucky from assassinating Zemo in cold blood and lose his sense of heroism.[212] Teaming up with Rogers and the Black Widow, the Falcon was attacked by Iron Hand Hauptmann. After defeating Zemo's henchman,[213] the trio reunited with Bucky, who was able to overcome Zemo himself without succumbing to darkness.[214]

All-New Captain America[]

At some point, Captain America was trapped for years in Arnim Zola's time-accelerated Dimension Z, and the Falcon reunited with him to help him recover and cope with the loss of Sharon Carter.[215] The duo returned to action when the insane Nuke ravaged Nrosvekistan in the name of the United States of America.[216] Captain America and the Falcon put an end in Nuke's massacre, and the Falcon leaked the situation to the media, which sparked an international reaction.[217] Nuke had been manipulated into performing his mission by the Iron Nail, who wished to challenge S.H.I.E.L.D.'s absolute control over the world. When Iron Nail detonated Nuke as a human bomb in a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, the Falcon was harmed.[218] Thanks to the senses of Jet Black, Zola's daughter who had joined Captain America in Dimension Z, the Falcon was located and nursed back to health.[219] Captain America and the Falcon then investigated the situation in the Sahara Desert,[220] where the Iron Nail took the opportunity to manipulate several S.H.I.E.L.D. units into destroying each other by seizing control over the ship Gungnir.[221] During a final hand-to-hand battle, the Super-Soldier Serum within Steve Rogers' body was neutralized by the Iron Nail, which caused him to age rapidly to match his chronological age of over ninety years old. In the end, the Falcon rescued his partner and defeated the villain, who perished inside Gungnir.[222]

Following this incident, Falcon helped Jet Black adjust to a new life on Earth, where they succumbed to their desire for each other.[223] Surprised by Zola directing his army of mutates to New York City, Falcon and Jet Black opposed her father's invasion. In Zola's citadel, Falcon found a captive Sharon Carter.[224] He then led the fight to Zola himself, when Jet Black demonstrated that her father's invasion had been merely a distraction for his actual plans of detonating a deadly bomb. The Falcon was brutalized by Zola in the ensuing fight, but still managed to carry the menacing bomb to explode in outer space, saving New York City.[225] Almost sacrificing himself, Sam Wilson miraculously survived the bomb thanks to being protected the Vibranium on his wings. However, Jet Black rejoined her villainous father after being accused by Carter of having provided him intel for the invasion.[16]

All-New Captain America Vol 1 1 Textless

Celebrated for his heroism, Sam Wilson was given the mantle and the shield of Captain America by Steve Rogers, who chose to step down due to his condition.[16] The all-new Captain America's first mission was to combat Hydra's most recent operations. The criminals took the opportunity of Steve Rogers' retirement to expand their plans. Captain America and his partner, the new Nomad who had been raised by Rogers in Dimension Z, tackled a Hydra base in Bagalia where they rescued a kid Hydra experimented on after Captain America duelled Batroc the Leaper. However, the duo was ambushed by many foes of Captain America led by Baron Zemo.[226] Captain America chose to retreat with the hostage, who was revealed to be Lucas, an Inhuman with poisonous and contagious blood that could bring an armageddon upon Earth. Loyal to Hydra himself, Lucas betrayed Captain America, who was at the mercy of the super-criminals of Bagalia, especially Crossbones. Captain America was saved by a deep undercover Misty Knight, who shared that Hydra had infiltrated critical groups within the superhero community.[227]

As Nomad was apparently slain by Baron Zemo, Captain America made imperative to prevent Hydra's attack. In his quest, he overcame Sin's psychological torture to search the bombs and defuse them all around the world alongside Misty Knight.[33] In his quest, he had Armadillo's help, who turned against Hydra during a fight against Cobra. However, when taking the fight to Baron Zemo, Captain America could not prevent Lucas' blood to be scattered across the globe through fleas.[228] Nomad joined the fight against Baron Zemo as Captain America assembled a flock of birds to consume the fleas and prevent the dissemination of the biological weapon. With his plan thwarted, Baron Zemo launched a contingency plan, the self-detonation of the infected Baron Blood in the atmosphere, resulting in the propagation of Lucas' blood. Redwing confronted Baron Blood in Paris, but was bitten by the vampire.[229] Captain America rescued his pet partner, who turned into an immortal vampiric bird. Captain America managed to disarm Baron Blood at low orbit at the cost of being infected. He was helped by Misty Knight to recover, since she had secured an antidote from Viper. When debriefing Rogers and S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America learned that Nomad was missing in action and that Misty Knight was operating by herself, hiding a secret agenda.[12]

Two Americas[]

S.H.I.E.L.D. was compromised by the secret hacker known as the Whisperer, who leaked information about Project: Kobik, an attempt to recreate a Cosmic Cube. Captain America publicly opposed to their experiments, being backed by Rogers. However, when S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to apprehend the Whisperer, Rogers backed them up, while Captain America chose to help him stay safe for believing his actions were righteous. In return, he had access to intel about Hydra and, for months, incapacitated their agents infiltrated in S.H.I.E.L.D., which granted him diplomatic immunity though at the cost of his good relationship with Steve Rogers.[230] After finishing his mission against Hydra, Captain America ultimately chose to cut ties with the agency and focus on the struggles ordinary Americans faced. Part of his new methods also involved taking position in delicate political matters, something Rogers had consistently refused to do so. He met a sound backlash from the public as a result.[24] During this time, Captain America was drawn into a crisis when he and Iron Man joined other champions in taking down the alien Warbringer to stop his attempt of bringing an army of Chitauri to Earth. The assembly of heroes became an all-new, all-different incarnation of Avengers.[231]

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Working closely with Misty Knight and Demolition Man, Captain America was funded by his brother Gideon's church. Through the Hotline channel, he tackled the Sons of the Serpent, who had allegedly kidnapped victims at the Mexican border. S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander Steve Rogers demanded Captain America not to interfere,[24] but he left the location to hunt down the Supreme Serpent who had escaped, only to get into battle against a rancorous and abandoned Armadillo. After defeating him, Captain America was informed by the Whisperer that Dr. Karl Malus was behind the operations.[230] When confronted at his laboratory, Malus restrained Captain America, turned him into a werewolf and stole Redwing. Freed by Misty Knight, Captain America tracked Malus again, when he found the abducted teenager, Joaquín Torres, whose genetic makeup had been mixed with Redwing's by Malus.[7] Captain America learned Malus had support from Viper's Serpent Solutions. He was captured after being betrayed by Diamondback.[232] Sharing an empathic connection with Captain America, Torres came to his rescue.[233] Together, they took out the Serpents, along with a regretful Diamondback, Misty Knight and Demolition Man. Captain America was able to locate the white-collar criminals who had hired Serpent Solutions. In the end, Torres adopted the identity of Falcon to act as Captain America's sidekick.[234]

Maria Hill secretly implemented Project: Kobik following its alleged termination in the form of the town of Pleasant Hill, a secret prison that cosmically brainwashed its inmates. Revealed to be Rick Jones, the Whispered informed Captain America about the situation, who in turn assembled the Avengers to assess the situation.[235] Baron Zemo was one of the prisoners and managed to spark a riot, which caught Captain America. Teaming up with Bucky, Captain America tried to deal with the crisis and contain the breakout. Coming to Steve Rogers' rescue in a fight with Crossbones, they witnessed Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube that powered Pleasant Hill, restore him to his full vigor.[236] Wilson and Rogers rekindled their friendship during the crisis and assembled the Avengers to overcome the riot.[237] Kobik, Bucky and Zemo vanished amidst the fight, which ended as the inmates were subdued. As the crisis was contained, Wilson kept the shield and was offered to share the mantle of Captain America with Rogers.[235] In the aftermath, Wilson wished to bring Maria Hill to justice having been a victim of the Cosmic Cube himself. This time, Rogers wished to support him, and offered a plan to replace Hill as an alternative.[238] Soon after, Jim Rhodes was killed in action, and Sam Wilson spoke during the funeral, highlighting their shared experiences and identity.[239]

Rogers' return as Captain America further damaged Wilson's reputation, as dissidents demanded he fully returned the shield and the mantle to Rogers.[238] A private policing program formed by robotic Americops was implemented by Paul Keane, with the support of conservative figures Senator Tom Herald and the radio host Harry Hauser. Their violent methods against unprivileged communities sparked controversy in the country. In Brooklyn, the vigilante Rage openly opposed the Americops. His actions led Captain America and the Falcon to intervene.[240] In his attempt to de-escalate the situation, Captain America was confronted U.S.Agent, who had been contacted by Keane, Herald, and Hauser to force him give up the shield.[241] Sam Wilson was able to defeat his opponent. In the aftermath, he had Tony Stark link his connection to avian forms of life to a security system in order to patrol the Americops. In secrecy, the true mastermind behind the moral attack against Sam Wilson was Steve Rogers.[242] As it turned out, Kobik had reshaped Rogers as an alternate version of himself secretly loyal to Hydra.[243] Together, the two Captains America confronted Flag-Smasher, who orchestrated a terrorist bombing to oppose Senator Herald. During the mission, Wilson failed to protect Herald, with Flag-Smasher ultimately murdering him. Once again, the incidents were carefully arranged by Rogers only to mar Wilson's credibility and faith in his position.[244]

Sam Wilson's faith in America was further shaken by an ensuing chain of events, most notably the wrongful imprisonment of Rage after being accused of robbing a Harlem bodega and put down by Americops. Rage decided to face justice instead of using his connections to break free. As a result, Wilson exposed footage concerning the Americops' brutal assault against Rage.[245] This did little to help his case. Even though Captain America captured the real robber, Speed Demon, Rage was still sentenced to prison.[246] Adding insult to injury, being a super hero, Rage was beaten up by his fellow cellmates and left in a critical condition.[247] In light of Rage's incident, Sam Wilson decided to step down as Captain America.[28]

Secret Empire[]

In the following weeks, Sam Wilson disconnected himself from society, camping in remote locations in order to find peace having only birds as company. During his time off, Steve Rogers revealed his true nature as a Hydra loyalist after months of scheming and staged a massive coup to take over the country. Wilson returned to civilization only to witness it under Hydra's utter control. Initially, he refused to confront the regime especially refusing to return to superheroics. However, realizing the need to help those prosecuted by Hydra's regime, mainly Inhumans and their families, he created a secret network alongside Misty Knight and Demolition Man to funnel people out of the country.[248] Demolition Man was able to lead the refuges to a magic escape point created by the Night People of Zero Street in Montana, where the Mole Man was convinced to grant them rights to cross his territories.[249]

Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 1 24 Textless

Fighting with the Underground

The rebel resistance against Hydra formed by Avengers known as the Underground requested Wilson's services to leave the country in their quest for the shards of the Cosmic Cube scattered through the globe, which could revert Rogers and his evil deeds.[250] Wilson unwillingly joined the Underground in their mission.[251] Their mission was a failure, since Hydra managed to outperform them in collecting the pieces of the Cosmic Cube. Having returned to their base,[252] they were attacked by Hydra, who secured the shards.[253] Parallel to this, the Black Widow targeted Rogers for assassination, but was murdered by him.[254] The grimness of the situation prompted Sam Wilson to take up the mantle of Captain America once again in order to inspire America's superheroes not to surrender.[255]

Captain America's message inspired the Underground to take direction action against Hydra. After liberating a prison camp for Inhumans, they acquired a Cosmic Cube fragment.[256] Using the artifact, Captain America carried out a plan to free the country's heroes who were either trapped in a Darkforce dome in Manhattan or stranded off-planet on the other side of the Planetary Defense Shield. Using the shard, he manipulated the probabilities of a chain of events which led to the end of those hindrances.[257] Together, the reunited super hero community launched a final attack against Hydra on Washington, D.C. being led by Sam Wilson.[258] When the malignant Steve Rogers attacked the heroes sporting a suit with the power of the almost-complete Cosmic Cube, Sam Wilson purposefully handed him over the last fragment to complete Kobik. Bucky could reach into Kobik's psyche, which resulted in the return of the real Steve Rogers, who proceeded to defeat his evil self, putting an end to Hydra's reign.[259]

Kobik transported Sam Wilson to the past, in the times of World War II. Happening upon a man named Elvin Monroe, Sam Wilson adopted the alias of Paul Jeffries, after his parents. He chose to enlist and fight with the platoons in the war. Using his flying technology, he became known as the "Man in the Air", who protected the skies as Captain America protected the grounds. He forged a friendship with Steve Rogers once again. Back to the States as a veteran, Wilson became a pastor and formed a family of his own, leading an ordinary life in which he also attempted to make a difference. He witnessed the re-emergence of Captain America in the modern age and even his younger self's transformation into the Falcon. When Rogers asked Wilson to adopt the mantle of Captain America, he recognized that the Man in the Air Paul Jeffries also inspired him. After dying of old age, Sam Wilson was restored to his usual self as, in the wake of the Hydra Empire, Steve Rogers found himself in a place of turmoil. Having proven his worth as Captain America and knowing that his friend needed to win back the trust of an entire nation after the events enacted in his name, Sam Wilson returned the shield to Steve Rogers.[9] By relinquishing the mantle of Captain America in the process, he reassumed his alias of Falcon.[260]


In an effort to re-connect to the country beyond the threats usually tackled by superheroes, the Falcon focused his efforts on de-escalating street-level wars, worked closely with the mayor of Chicago as well as counting with support from the new Patriot. In order to stop the brutal battles carried out by the factions Southstone Rangers and the Spanish Kings, the Falcon used his resources to have the respective leaders of the gangs Dray and Ortiz publicly call a truce. His good-intended plan failed miserably as Ortiz was coldly murdered by Dray during the celebration. The Falcon was mystically impeded of acting, which led to the eruption of violence in the city.[261] He was ordered to leave Chicago due to the repercussions of the event. Instead, he contacted Doctor Voodoo to investigate Dray's possible use of dark magics. The true malefactor was revealed to be the demon Blackheart, who impersonated the mayor of Chicago and directed his forces against the flying hero[262] and managed to put him and Patriot behind bars.[263]

Blackheart offered the Falcon an alliance in his plans of world domination, which was rejected by the hero. Doctor Voodoo broke the incarcerated heroes from jail. When attempting to fight the demonic creature, Sam Wilson's soul was locked in Hell.[263] In the hellish realm, the Falcon was tormented by Mephisto. Meanwhile, Patriot contacted Joaquín Torres for support, while Doctor Voodoo had the demonologist Hellstrom treat Wilson. Their assistance added to Wilson's self-determination brought him back to the physical world.[264] Focused on defeating Blackheart, the Falcon took flight to the skies of Chicago to end his rule. During the fight, Dray rejected his dark lord's way, which led the demon to be banished to Hell. The Falcon then inspired the gangs to stop the bloodlust in the streets of Chicago.[265]

Back to Harlem, Sam Wilson reunited with Misty Knight. They were caught in a conspiracy designed by Deacon Frost, a servant of Mephisto who wanted revenge for the Falcon's recent supernatural activities. A murder spree in the neighborhood caught the attention of Wilson and Knight.[266] When Patriot fell victim to Frost's minions, the Falcon realized they were vampires. The vampire hunter Blade joined the war against Frost, who used Patriot's safety to blackmail the Falcon. Knight and Blade were able to rescue Patriot while the Falcon combated the hordes of vampires to reach Deacon Frost.[267] Managing to overcome his deadly forces, the Falcon had Redwing finish Deacon Frost for good, ending his reign of terror. As the sun rose, Sam Wilson and Misty Knighty decided to resume their romantic relationship.[268]

New Hydra[]

The Falcon investigated the disappearance of Sally Mackenzie, a regular at his Veteran Assistance group. He tracked her last whereabouts to a location of the Office of Federal Utilities, O.F.U., in which he found a massacre. His path crossed with that of Bucky, who work for the O.F.U. and had also been targeted. Bucky was handled by Veronica Eden. In Brooklyn, they found Eden as the only survivor. She informed them the O.F.U.'s most recent mission was tracking down the remnants of two factions of Hydra fighting each other: one inspired by Baron Zemo and another led by a rival. The Falcon and Bucky were unpredictably bested by the Natural, a young Captain America aficionado who claimed to have murdered the O.F.U.'s employees in name of Hydra.[269]

In their investigation, the Falcon and Bucky counted with intelligence from Baron Zemo, who wished to put his rival down.[270] Readopting their respective identities as Captain America that the Natural worshipped, the Falcon and Bucky found him within Hydra. While fighting the terrorists, Wilson kept looking for Mackenzie with no success. The Natural revealed that Veronica Eden herself had been behind the attacks and was Zemo's rival in the war to become the new Hydra Supreme.[271] As they met her, she attempted to convince them her plans involved transforming Hydra into a benevolent organization if she became its leader.[272]

However, the Natural was revealed to be a cold murdered, who Eden directed against the Falcon and Bucky. During the fight, Baron Zemo intervened to eliminate her. After defeating the Natural, the Falcon and Bucky teamed up with Zemo to put Veronica Eden's forces down. The Falcon reasoned with Bucky in order to prevent him from executing their enemies. Instead, he proposed to bring them to justice. Baron Zemo, however, managed to escape arrest. Following this incident, Sam Wilson offered social support to the vulnerable people who had joined Eden's Hydra faction in addition to Bucky himself.[273]

Captains Network[]

As a speedster impersonating Captain America stole his shield, the Falcon was contacted for help. The impostor was chased down but caused a train wreck using the shield, with the Falcon saving as many victims as possible. At the accident location, they met Aaron Fischer, a homeless young man who acted similarly to other independent peers to protect their communities under the mantle of Captain America. The heroes of this Captains Network were target to assassination, inspiring Sam Wilson to suit up as Captain America again and help Rogers investigate the new Captains and the shield robber.[2] Together, Wilson and Rogers broke the Captain America Nichelle Wright out of prison as the police station was attacked by the assassins again, whose mission was revealed to be tarnish the symbol of Captain America.[274] During their mission, they realized the impostor was Speed Demon, who was working for Sin.[275]

In New Mexico, the two Captains met up with Joe Gomez, the Captain America of the Kickapoo Tribe, to warn him about the danger posed by the murderers. During a public attack against a political candidate, Bucky intervened and joined the hunt for the villains and the stolen shield.[275] After meeting Arielle Agbayani of the Network, the Captains America recruited U.S.Agent for their mission. Commander Krieger used the shield to revive the Hate-Monger in an attempt to use the shield to brainwash America.[276] Joined by Captain Jeremy Merrick, the Captains America joined their might to represent all of the country in defeating the villains.[277]

Symbol of Truth[]

Sam Wilson maintained the mantle Captain America, becoming a symbol to people again by recommendation of Misty Knight. A new shield Misty Knight envisioned for him was designed using Black Panther's Vibranium, Tony Stark's technology, and Thor's blacksmithing.[278][279] Being backed by intel provided by Misty Knight and partnering with Joaquín Torres as the Falcon, he reported to Senator Mansfield in his missions. Knight identified an illegal cargo of Super-Soldier Serum being contrabanded in the Southwest. The flying heroes Captain America, the Falcon, and Redwing intercepted the train and, after defeating the smugglers, they found trafficked Mexican immigrants, instead.[280] In his investigation, Captain America was led to Latveria, where Deadpool was kept captive. He was informed that Vibranium was actually the main interest of the robbers, being transported through Latveria as well. Its ruler Doctor Doom[281] apprehended them for their invasion. Captain America was liberated as a good gesture and, with the intel he had gathered about the Vibranium, he set his sights on Wakanda. However, the Wakandan leaderships did not agree to work in collaboration with Captain America. This coincided with the emergence of the Wakanda Forever movement, which fought for black Americans to have the right to emigrate to Wakanda. Sam Wilson took the opportunity to arrive on Wakanda soil by requesting a visa.[282]

Upon arrival, Captain America was immediately ambushed by Crossbones, who was revealed that the recent incidents had been manipulated by Hunter, the White Wolf. After defeating Crossbones, Captain America learned how all the events were connected: American immigrants were infected with a deadly virus during their trip that could be triggered with Vibranium, the resulting infectious disease would infect Wakanda.[283] As the hero of Wakanda, Black Panther intervened, accusing Captain America of infiltrating the country. The ensuing fight escalated into a political debate. Captain America was saved in the last minute by his partner Falcon. As a result, Princess Shuri revoked the citizenship of the Americans residing in Wakanda, forcing Captain America to retreat.[284] The decision impacted the neighboring nation of Mohannda, since many refugees found asylum in it.[285]

In the United Nations, Captain America was unable to prevent the assassination of Mohannda's Prime Minister Jani Schonland at the hands of Hunter's men. Moreover, the Falcon was poisoned during the fight, being incapacitated.[286] Mohannda succumbed to civil war and, without a partner, Captain America was assigned by Senator Mansfield to operate alongside Nomad once again. As they met, Captain America was surprised to find his former partner had secretly survived their last mission together. In Mohannda, they prioritized giving support and assistance to civilians, teaming up with the independent militant Bathabile.[287] After meeting the resistance led by Dr. Ayanda Sisulu, Captain America was informed that Hunter, the White Wolf, was behind the destabilization in the country as well and controlled the parliament.[285] As the president, the White Wolf directed his power against Captain America and Nomad, bombing their location. Moreover, he counted with an army of Phrox creatures from Dimension Z that hunted Captain America. Unexpectedly, Captain America had to face his partner Falcon, who had devolved into a monstrous creature as a result of his previous poisoning.[288] After putting his sidekick out of commission, Captain America swore revenge against the White Wolf.[289] With Mohannda destroyed, Captain America physically faced the White Wolf for the first time. Following a difficult fight, the White Wolf was defeated. Facing the decision of executing him, Sam Wilson was convinced otherwise by Sisulu, in order to keep the dream of peace alive. Hunter was to be brought to Mohanndan justice.[290]

The resolution was affected by the actions of Bucky, who had joined the cryptic organization known as the Outer Circle assuming the role of the Revolution. He broke the White Wolf out of prison and kidnapped Nomad for his plans. In light of this Rogers contacted Wilson to rescue Nomad, which brought them to fight the Outer Circle's army, the Tithed, in Alaska.[291] They made the decision to go to Dimension Z to prevent an invasion. However, the Captains America argued about how to deal with Bucky, since Wilson was not considering to trust him.[292] This escalated into a brutal fight that ended up with Rogers being knocked out by Wilson.[293] After realizing his misconduct, Rogers apologized and they worked in union against Bucky and the White Wolf. While invading the citadel, Wilson tackled Bucky, defeating him while Rogers defeated the White Wolf. This set into motion the true plan of having Nomad ascend as the ruler of Dimension Z.[294] Back home, Sam Wilson celebrated his birthday with his family.[295]


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Using his bird telepathy

Avian Telepathy: This link is strongest with his companion Redwing but he is also able to extend his empathic link to other birds making it possible for him to see through their eyes.[1] He has also shown the ability to control birds.[229] He is also a skilled handler and trainer of birds even without his mental powers.[11] These abilities apply to all birds, including at some extent bird-like beings such as Inhuman Bird People[296] and the alien Challenger, whose species was speculated to have evolved from dinosaurs or birds.[297]. Nick Fury's intel classified him as power level 6.[298] Allegedly, Sam was given the ability to telepathically link with birds by the Red Skull using the Cosmic Cube.[13]


Master Martial Artist: Sam was trained by Captain America in Judo, Karate,[63][31] and various other styles of martial arts, making him one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.[31][11] His skills enable him to defeat some of the most remarkable trained opponents in the world such as four elite Spetsnaz soldiers at a time,[174] and superhumans as strong as the Wrecking Crew members.

Peak Human Condition: Even before his training with Captain America, Sam was in very good shape.[3] After years of intensive and extensive training with Steve,[31] Sam is now above average athlete and have pushed his body to the pinnacle of human condition.[299]

  • Peak Human Strength: Over years of extensive training, Sam's strength is at the maximum limit of human conditioning. He was able to sent Crossbones flying with a single force kick,[227] break steel chains that tied him to a tank,[33] as well as bending a metal bar with his bare hands.[18]
  • Peak Human Endurance: Sam possesses exceptional tolerance to physical pain. He continued to function in spite of him getting chest stabbed from Zemo's sword.[229] He also continued to function after been set on fire from one of A.I.M. agents' flamethrower while ripping off his costume suit.[185]

Master Acrobat: Sam has underwent more rigorous training in gymnastics and acrobatics with Captain America.[31][1][113]

Master Aerialist and Flight: Sam is an extraordinary aerialist and flight due to his training with Captain America and to his own experimentation with his "hard light harness." His experience in martial arts, aerialist, and flight has made him one of the best aerial fighters in the world, exceeding the skills of other flyers such as Iron Man and Ms. Marvel.[226][300][261][18][111]

Expert Shield Fighter: Sam is very proficient in the use of Captain America's Shield.[228] He has shown himself to be able to hit several targets from the air with pinpoint accuracy.[300]

Leadership: Sam has lead S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents with proficient tactician and strategist.[91]



Falcon's Wings: The Falcon's original jet-powered glider wings allowed him to fly at speeds up to 250 mph.[11] Black Panther supplied Falcon with a new costume and wings. An emitter array on Falcon's back creates holographic "hard light" wings with a maximum wingspan of up to 50 feet (15 m). Controlled by a cybernetic link, the wings can be instantly reconfigured into "dozens of different cruise configurations." A "magnetic drive," in turn, provides the thrust needed to get Falcon airborne. The emitter also possesses GPS Jamming Devices that prevent satellite tracking, while the hard-light wings interfere with infrared tracking. A Vibranium microweave was added to the costume itself, making Falcon resistant to small arms fire. The entire system is controlled mentally through cybernetic circuitry in the Falcon's mask. The costume has in the past featured a hidden "talon," a cybernetically controlled grappling line built into the gauntlets of his costume which he uses to entangle opponents, hook objects, or for swinging and climbing when his wings are detached. The costume's visors come equipped with various capabilities, including infrared lenses, giving him the ability to see objects by their infrared signature at night, magnification capabilities, and remote imaging sensors that allow a full 360 degree of vision when activated. The cowl also has a wide band receiver and transmitter with an unspecified range. The suit was originally built by Wakandan scientists, with costume modifications by Desmond Burrell. The wings have been modified by Tony Stark, as Sam said after saving New York from Zola's bomb, making them in full-vibranium: they've been capable of absorbing the whole explosive power of the bomb, saving Falcon from certain death.[225]

Avengers Identicard

Cybernetic Implant: Sam has a implant in his brain that enhances his ability to see what birds see and transmit the visuals into a data storage facility that then converts the visuals into images and videos.[242]

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Captain America's Vibranium Shield: A new vibranium shield for Sam Wilson's use. The vibranium was supplied by T'Challa, the mold designed by Tony Stark, and the shield forged by Thor and Misty Knight.



  • The Falcon was one of the first black super heroes with prominence in the Marvel Comics. Stan Lee introduced the Falcon to the public during a talk at Duke University. His talk was titled "Comics as a Reflection of Contemporary Culture," when he expressed his intentions of keeping comic books updated with social movements from that time.[301] Concerning the Falcon's appearance, creator Gene Colan declared that he took inspiration from the image of O. J. Simpson to design the hero.[302]
  • The origin of Sam Wilson has been subjected to several readjustments:
    • In his first appearance in Captain America #117, by creators Stan Lee and Gene Colan, Wilson was an honorable young man with a passion for falconry. The same team of creators introduced his background as a social worker, operating from a welfare office in Harlem in Captain America #134
    • However, in the infamous events of Captain America #186, by writer Steve Englehart, Wilson's origins as a decent man were revealed to have been fabricated by the Red Skull in order to win Captain America's trust. In fact, he was the mobster known as Snap Wilson.
    • Years later, writer J.M. DeMatteis established in Captain America #277 that Sam Wilson's interests of being helpful in his community were genuine, and that the Snap persona was a result of him dissociating his psyche following the death of his mother. In this version, the Red Skull only restored Sam Wilson to his original heart by keeping the Snap persona dormant.
    • In All-New Captain America #3, written by Rick Remender, it was explained that all revealed information about Snap Wilson had been in fact a cruel scheme designed by the Red Skull to discredit the Falcon as a hero. Thus, Sam Wilson has never operated as a criminal, which is coherent with his first origin story.
  • The set of abilities of the Falcon constantly changed across the years. Originally, he had no special abilities or paraphernalia:
    • His empathic bond with the trained bird Redwing was described to be natural and he operated as a super hero solely on his training by Captain America.[3]
    • After becoming a partner to Captain America, the Falcon implemented a "Hawk-Hook" to acrobatically locomote across urban settings through a fixed-rope.[45]
    • In order to keep up with his physically stronger partner, the Falcon contacted the Black Panther for help; in Wakanda, he had mini-jet-tipped glider wings designed for him, which allowed him to fly through the skies.[15]
    • At some point, Professor X insinuated that the Falcon's connection to his pet bird Redwing was unnatural, insinuating they could be mutant in nature.[21] However, this ability was eventually confirmed to be a consequence of the Red Skull's use of the Cosmic Cube.[19]
    • After taking up the mantle of Captain America, Sam Wilson included the iconic Shield to his equipment.[226]
  • Wilson is to date the only publicly known black successor Captain America. Isaiah Bradley was never officially recognized in the role of Captain America, though some list Bradley as the "black" Captain America. All-New Captain America is not the first time Wilson has stepped up to the role of Captain America. In Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #9, he briefly stood in for a gravely injured Steve Rogers.


  • Wilson is likely named after the historic Samuel Wilson, the man often considered to be the basis of Uncle Sam.

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