Sam Wilson was a orphan after his parents were killed, and was raised by a Shawnee medicine man, becoming a freeman in the Indian Territories. While being raised, Wilson was foretold by his adoptive parent of a soldier that would bring "union to all people" and will be guided by the spirit of We-Pi-Ahk, the Eagle Spirit, in finding this soldier. By the time of the Civil War, Sam joined in the all-volunteer Indian regiment in fighting for the Union. He founded a gravely wounded Private Stephen Rogers and brought him to his camp. Believing Rogers to be that soldier from the prophecy, Wilson performed a ritual to give Rogers the power of We-Pi-Ahk. At that time, Buck Barnes' Redlegs arrived and attacked the encampment, killing all the Native soldiers. Wilson tried in vain to stop the massacre and was killed by Barnes, who was inadvertently transformed from the ritual into the White Skull. [1]




Private Wilson had Shawnee mystic training as a medicine man

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