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The past history of Sam Wilson of Earth-9997 mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

In recent history he was charged with keeping a portion of Absorbing Man following the the villains rampage in Washington, D.C., a battle that claimed the lives of the Avengers. Shortly thereafter, Falcon was either a victim of, or willfully joined the Hydra. What happened to the piece of Carl Creel that was entrusted to Sam is unknown, however it eventually ended up in the hands of the Tong of Creel a death cult bent on reassembling Creel.[citation needed]

Upon being joined with the Hydra, Wilson died, however the Hydra controlled his body and had access to his memories. The Wilson-Hydra later convinced Captain America to join their ranks. The Wilson Hydra was among the Hydra's that roamed New York City, and was attacked by the Skull's army upon their arrival in the city. Although they were presumed killed, the Hydra survived that attack and returned to their secret base.[citation needed]

Later when Captain America learned the truth about what happened to those who joined the Hydra, while he and Mar-Vell were seeking out the Nega-Bands, Cap banished all the Hydra to Limbo using Rom's Neutralizer weapon.[citation needed]

When Sam died, his soul ended up in the Realm of the Dead, where it was recruited by Mar-Vell in his army of dead super-humans who quested to kill Death and create a paradise in the Realm of the Dead. Upon the success of this mission, and the construction of Paradise, Sam was one of the first souls to be transported to this realm. There he consumed a shard of the Cosmic Cube and created his own ideal reality to live in.[citation needed]

Sam was later freed from this reality when the Kree invaded Paradise, and was one of the many heroes who defended that realm from the Kree invasion. Sam's activities since the defeat of the Kree invaders and Reed Richards taking control of the realm are unrevealed but it is entirely possible the he still resides in Paradise.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of Samuel Wilson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Samuel Wilson of Earth-616.

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