Quote1 I've got the moves to be an Avenger. And the jetpack doesn't hurt! Quote2
-- Falcon src

First Mission

Sam Wilson was the superhero partner of Captain America. When the students of Avengers Academy uncovered a Hydra's plot to unleash a gas that would turn the residents of New York City into drones,
Avengers Academy (Earth-TRN562) 004
Administrator Pepper Potts recruited Sam into the school. After having his jetpack upgraded by Iron Man, Black Widow prepared him for the mission. Sam accompanied Widow and Wasp in destroying Hyrda's blimp.

Madame Hydra

One day, Falcon would be approached by Madame Hydra. She would attempt to persuade him into joining the Hydra School. While he declined, she did, however, convince him to look into the Academy's staff. As a result, Sam became suspicious of the Academy.


Falcon and Captain America protected Peter Parker's aunt May from the Sinister Six after they vandalized her house, and threatened to do worse if Peter didn't stop his investigation to clear Spider-Man name.

Falcon traveled to Larval Earth to help Spider-Ham defeat the Swinester Six.

Avengers Under Siege

Falcon was one of the Avengers Academy students that helped defeat and recapture the villains that were freed from their cages by Baron Zemo after he was manipulated by Mephisto into believing they would serve him if he freed them.[1]


Seeming those of the Sam Wilson of Earth-616.



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