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San Diablo is a spanish speaking country located in South America. During the early 1960s, San Diablo was a dictatorship under the rule of the communist Executioner (Santiago Escalona Rivera), who was opposed by the revolutionary army of Democratic Faction.[1]


The fighting caused a shortage of medical help, and international organizations sent American doctors to treat the patients in spite the government's opposition. The Executioner organized the murder of the doctors and destruction of medical supplies - but one of the doctors was revealed to be Donald Blake, who turned into his Thor persona. The Executioner tried to use hostages against Thor and fought Donald Blake, but this gave time to the Democratic Faction to prepare an attack. The communist army was defeated and the Executioner tried to steal gold from the national treasury and flee. He was then identified as a traitor and shot down by his own firing squad.[1]

Apparently, the San Diablo government turned into a United States-backed democracy, although some San Diablans were still opposed to the new government and wanted to organize a revolution. Ferdinand Lopez, alias Machete, who was a native of San Diablo, wanted to support a revolution in his country, but lacked of financial means and turned to the life of a mercenary trying to raise enough money. He was killed before he could reach this goal.


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