In 1989, the Blautot Commandos time-travelled to the sewards of San Diego from the Nazi Germany of 1943. They were then met by their ally, Klaus Kruptmann, who took them to their new HQ.[1]

Later, Silver Sable and Dominic Fortune tracked Sam Kurokawa, a "sleeper" agent of Andreas Vadas, to San Diego. Fortune met with Kurokawa in a bar and she finally agreed to co-operate with Fortune and Sable.[2]

Alternate Realities


Exilles Vol 1 17 page 15 San Diego

Exiles #17

In a reality where Curt Connors became the Lizard and then began breeding other lizards, beginning with his family. In a short time, the Lizards control the western half of the United States with a wall separating them from the rest of the population. In a desperate attempt to right what he put wrong, a re-humanized Connors plans on using nuclear bombs to kill the Lizards.[3]


All This and World War II gives the coordinates of San Diego as 23.26ºN, 117.157ºW, which in real world is in Mexican Western waters. Real coordinates of San Diego are 32.715ºN, 117.1625ºW.

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