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Wikia contributors, users, and staff traveled to San Diego via train car again, this time sponsored by Wikia themselves. There were interviews and interactive events happening the whole way down from Los Angeles. Marvel Database, DC Database, and several other communities covered the convention, breaking news, announcing exciting announcements, and interviewing celebrities and content producers at San Diego Comic Con. All of those were published via Twitter, Facebook, and on Wikia.


2014 brought out Wikia's big guns. They partnered with the producers of the Shadow of Mordor (video game) to bring a special group of contributors and fans down to San Diego via a train car specifically decked out for the game. Marvel Database was in attendance represented by Peteparker, who also covered the comics, video games, and related movies being shown off at San Diego Comic Con. With the help of several other users and Wikia staff, you were able to follow all of the coverage of the event via Facebook, Twitter, and here on the Marvel Database.


In 2013, Marvel Database, DC Database, and Wikia were in San Diego to cover the Mecca of comics, video games and related movies - San Diego Comic Con. You were able to follow live coverage of exciting announcements, fun interviews, and breaking news through the sites' various feeds.


Not to be outdone in 2012, Wikia partnered with the LA Times and made a big showing at the convention with a ton of exclusive interviews, awesome giveaways, and even a massive VIP party with a few surprise celebs! That was definitely a night to remember for everyone who was able to get on the guest list. Here's just a taste...


Wikia, Sega and the Marvel Database hosted an amazing party at SDCC 2011 for the official launch of the new Captain America video game. Check it out!

Wikia & SEGA's Captain America Party at Comic Con

Wikia & SEGA's Captain America Party at Comic Con

Wikia & SEGA's Captain America Party at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2011

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