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Sanctuary, is a planetoid located at a distant part of the universe inhabited by the Chitauri. It is ruled by the mad Titan; Thanos. When Loki fell into Yggdrasil, he was transported to Sanctuary. There he was trained by Thanos and was given the Mind controlling Sceptre.

The Avengers

Loki used the Tesseract to open a wormhole between Earth and Sanctuary, where the Chitauri were staged for invasion. During the invasion Iron Man flew a nuclear bomb through the wormhole into Chitauri Space and stopping the invasion before he fell back through to the portal.[1]

Guardians of the Galaxy

File:Thanos (Earth-199999) meeting with Ronan (Earth-199999).jpeg

After Gamora's betrayed Ronan the Accuser, he travelled to Sanctuary to meet with Thanos. When the Other scolded Ronan for disrespecting Thanos, Ronan broke his neck. Ronan confronted Thanos but had no interest in the Kree, as he believed Nebula would fix the problem. Thanos however warned him that if he returned empty handed again, he would "bathe the star-ways in his blood".[2]

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