Thanos' Sanctuary-class from Thanos Vol 1 1
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Sanctuary II
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Sanctuary VI
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2000 ft (length) x 2000 ft (width) x 1000 ft (height)[1]
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Thanos' starship base. One of the most powerful starships in the universe. Thanos has used a series of ships of the Sanctuary-class, though it's not know if each one is built after the loss of the previous one or if he has several of these warships. The first ship, Sanctuary I was used in battle against Magus and his empire of the Universal Church of the Truth in another reality (Earth-7528).[2].

Thanos later used Sanctuary II to attempt to commit genocide by using the star killing weapon "Star-Burster" on Earth but was stopped by the Avengers, Adam Warlock, and Captain Mar-Vell.[3] The pirate Nebula got a hold of Sanctuary III and with it tried to conquer the Skrull Empire which had collapsed into civil war after the destruction of Tarnax IV by Galactus. She was defeated by the combined forces of the Skrull general Zedrao, the Avengers, and Firelord.[4].

Upon the resurrection of Thanos and the beginning of his plan to get a hold of all of the Infinity Gems, he regained control of Sanctuary III from Nebula[5]. A vast armada of pirates, nihilists, mercenaries, religious zealots, psychotics, and malcontents assembled around Sanctuary III, flocking to his banner [6]. Recently he led his new armada, the Black Order from the Sanctuary IV to raze the planet Earth during the Builders' War. The Avengers with the assistance of forces from the Galactic Council, defeated Thanos and the Black Order.[7]


  • Propulsion: Sanctuary uses ionized plasma engines and is able to warp via either the subspace collapsar engine or thru the power of Thanos himself,[1]
  • Systems: The ship comes with AI, a holographic system that displays on the bridge a near-universal database (galactic history, technology, and civilizations) and a map of several 1000 nearby stars, and teleportation system that can send Thanos anywhere in the universe.[1]
  • Defensive: Sanctuary is outfitted with a force field that is so strong, it can withstand anything short of stellar energies and will also return the energy attack to the attackers.[1]
  • Weapons: Thanos has given the ship the ability to devastate planets via thermonuclear missiles or destroy stars via the "Star-Burster" ion cannon (which destabilizes a star, causing it to go supernova within hours).[1]
  • Transportation: The ship has a hanger that can carry 100s of spacecraft, which are usually piloted by drones.[1]

Alternate Realities

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Sanctuary (Vehicle) from Avengers Endgame 001

In Earth-199999 and its Time Travel-crated offshoots such as Earth-TRN734 Thanos' spaceship is known as Sanctuary II.

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