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Sandahl Swarn was Randall Spector's lover while he was a mercenary, and part of the CIA's brainwashing and augmented soldier experiments[1] once overseen by Charles LeBlanc.[2] When Randall returned from the Sudan with a document in papyrus, she translated it and decreed it told the story of two Khonshus, and a mechanism for Randall to steal the role of Moon Knight from his brother Marc. They faked Randall's death and joined the Cult of Khonshu around this more-aggressive interpretation of Khonshu as a God of Vengeance, not Justice. As the priestess Nepthys, Swarn rose in the cult's ranks until she controlled their activities. She and Randall then directed them against Moon Knight, and performed the ceremonies necessary to make over Randall into Shadowknight. Nepthys funded the cult's revolution with weapons from AIM, however, which drew the attention of the Punisher as well as Moon Knight. While the brothers Spector battled each other, Nepthys and the Cult of Khonshu did not survive their encounter with the Punisher.[3]


  • While Nepthys claimed she empowered Shadowknight using "lunar energies" during an astrological alignment to bestow the strength of Khonshu on him, Marc Spector inferred she was only using terrestrial chemicals and drug therapies from her time in the CIA program mixed with some theatricality.[4] These therapies had previously given great strength and immunity to pain to subjects in Marvel Preview #21. The truth was left deliberately ambiguous.

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