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Centuries ago, the creature known only as the Sandman crash-landed on Earth in Mexico. Local tribesmen found the creature and believed it to be an evil spirit. They took him while he was still weak from his crash and sealed him in a cave with no air and light where he remained in a state of suspended animation until the early 1960s. A former marine vacationing with his family accidentally released the creature upon the world. The Sandman regained consciousness and recounted his past to the family and revealed his plan to conquer the Earth. The man tried to oppose him but the Sandman proved invulnerable to physical assault. He ordered the family to transport him to America, so he could observe the most powerful nation on the planet before putting his plan into action. The father was able to alert the military to the Sandman's presence, but they also proved ineffective in dealing with the extraterrestrial threat. Bullets went right through him, gas was ineffectual because he does not breathe and while bombs would scatter his pieces, he proved capable of reforming himself afterwards.

The Sandman in his human disguise

The Sandman planned on world domination by increasing his size using sand from the local beach until nothing would be able to stop him. The marine's son heard of this plan, and headed to the beach with a plan of his own. He threw water all over the living pile of sand, which made him soggy to the point that he could not move. The military quickly transported the Sandman's body to a top-secret underground facility where he has remained ever since.[1]

Powers and Abilities


The Sandman has complete control of the individual granules of sand that composes his body. He can alter his shape and is able to take on human form through extreme concentration. The creature can alter the cohesion of his sand particles, as a result, bullets pass through his body without causing any harm. He has no need to breathe, Making him invulnerable to gas attacks. An exploding bomb would disperse the sand particles of the Sandman's body, but he would still to be able to reform himself afterwards. The Sandman could combine his body with the sand of a beach to increase its size, the exact extent of this ability is unknown. The Sandman is also incredibly long-lived, having remained in a cave for centuries before being revived.


When the Sandman is exposed to water his body becomes stiff and soggy, making him immobile. Also, if confined in an environment with no air or light, the Sandman will enter a state of suspended animation.



Formerly a spaceship

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