Not much is known about Tithe, save that she was a superhuman that joined the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. She collaborated with the cyborg Mr. Castlemere in his plot to oust the Black King, Sebastian Shaw, from power.

Sandra Morgan (Earth-616) from Wolverine Origins Vol 1 29 002

Tithe attacking Castlemere and Wolverine

When Wolverine infiltrated the Hellfire Club in an attempt to rescue his son, Daken, Castlemere, Tithe, and their co-conspirator, Leonine ambushed him. After a short fight, during which Professor X confirmed that the three knew nothing of Daken with a mental probe, Logan killed Scholl by impaling him through the head with his claws, then fought Castlemere as Tithe watched. Though she could not ensure her blasts would his Logan as the two combatants were so close, Tithe ultimately decided to attack both of them, releasing a powerful blast of energy that killed Castlemere. Tithe then ran off, quipping that she at least got a promotion out of the fight.


Tithe could channel harmful blue energy through her hands, and also release this energy from her entire body as a devastating wide-range blast.

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