Sandra Murphy is the descendant from the ancient warrior king Arda Ulhaf, who slew the demon Aeshma, Sandra received the Mace of Aeshma from her father, Conrad Murphy. The mace had been handed down from generation to generation ever since Arda Ulhaf.

Wheels Within Wheels

Sandra was one of many superhumans known only to Nick Fury, who recorded their existence on what he referred to as his list of Caterpillars. The purpose of these Caterpillars was so Nick could have an untapped and untainted pool of potential agents should he ever need them. When the time came that he did need them to form his Secret Warriors, Mikel Fury and Carlos Ayala appeared at Sandra's home in Winthrop, Massachusetts to recruit her.

Team Gray's final mission

Sandra became a member of the Secret Warriors' Team Gray, led by Mikel. Their original task was to gather intelligence on Leviathan's activities, but the old Russian organization was seemingly inactive. It was not until the war between Leviathan and Hydra suddenly ignited with Orion, the leader of Leviathan, making his return that Team Gray's job heated up.

The Secret Warriors were the third party in the fighting between Leviathan and Hydra, and losses were severe for all parties. A civil war broke out inside of Hydra, secretly orchestrated by Nick and his brother Jake Fury. Team Gray were sent in to take out the Hive's stronghold in the Indian Ocean, one of the last remaining Hydra strongholds. This mission went badly, and Team Gray were overrun by parasite-infected Hydra soldiers. They succeeded in destroying the stronghold, but all of Team Gray died in the process, including Sandra.


Aeshma's Mace

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